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 England Legends

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PostEngland Legends

England Legends

After successive failures at major international tournaments for the England national team, The FA commissioned a group of the games best brains to

‘go away and dream the impossible’

So they did, and here’s their dream.

Some of the finest players to have ever graced the English game have been resurrected and are now mixing with the talent of today in a bid for European and World Cup glory.

Players of the calibre of;
england - England Legends StanleyMatthewsOverview_Profile
england - England Legends JimmyGreavesOverview_Profile
england - England Legends GaryLinekerOverview_Profile
england - England Legends BobbyMooreOverview_Profile
england - England Legends BobbyCharltonOverview_Profile
england - England Legends BillyWrightOverview_Profile

Have been brought back to life to set about making England the number 1 team in the World. To cap it all, they’ve done what previous FA bosses could never contemplate.

They’ve given the management job to-

england - England Legends BrianCloughOverview_Profile
england - England Legends BrianCloughNews_Inbox

Clough’s first match in charge will be a friendly at home to Netherlands next month, before Euro Championship Qualifiers against Bulgaria and Wales in September.

england - England Legends EnglandFixtures_Fixtures

The only potential spanner in the works for England is that other FAs around the world have been so impressed with the idea that they’ve copied The FA’s plan and introduced their own legends.

This could be one almighty European Championships in 2012 with players such as Cruyff, Gullit, Nedved, Figo, Rossi, Charlton, Moore and Klinsmann all potentially competing at the same tournament.

2012 European Championship Winners
2012 Olympic Games Gold Medallists
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England Legends :: Comments

Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-22, 23:42 by Posh
Cloughie Smile

Oh my, this could be the dogs bollocks !!!!
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-23, 19:14 by the deeb
After only a short time in the job, England manager Brian Clough travels to Rio de Janeiro for the draw for the qualifying groups of World Cup 2014.

England has been seeded in the 1st group of seeds, along with holders Spain, and, surprisingly, Norway.

1st Group

England could meet France in their group as the 1998 World Cup winners are seeded in the 2nd group.

2nd Seeds

3rd Seeds
Czech Republic

4th Seeds

5th Seeds
Faroe Islands
FYR Macedonia

6th Seeds
San Marino

For some inexplicable reason, not only is Israel considered in Europe, but now Kazakhstan is too. Clough surely won’t fancy being the first England manager to visit there.

There are 9 Groups, 8 with 6 teams, 1 with 5.

The first two rounds of seeds have been drawn.

Group 1 - Macedonia, Wales
Group 2 - Armenia, Malta
Group 3 - Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan
Group 4 - Estonia, Albania
Group 5 - Cyprus, Iceland
Group 6 - Azerbaijan, Luxembourg
Group 7 - Latvia, Liechtenstein
Group 8 - Moldova, San Marino
Group 9 - Finland

Now for the 4th group of seeds, which includes Scotland and N.Ireland

And the first team drawn out is…….Scotland

Well, they go into Group 1 along with Wales & Macedonia.

N.Ireland get drawn into Group 6 along with Azerbaijan and Luxembourg

With the 3rd group of seeds, Ireland are drawn into Group 3, which includes Austria, Faroe Islands and Kazakhstan.

So now after 5 groups of seeds have been drawn, here are how the groups are set out

Group 1 - Serbia, Belgium, Scotland, Macedonia, Wales
Group 2 - Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Armenia, Malta
Group 3 - Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan
Group 4 - Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Andorra
Group 5 - Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Cyprus, Iceland
Group 6 - Russia, Israel, N.Ireland, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg
Group 7 - Slovakia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein
Group 8 - Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, San Marino
Group 9 - France, Belarus, Georgia, Finland

Now for the final 9 countries to be drawn. I would reckon England will fancy Groups 5, 6 & 7, but let’s see what happens.

For the first country drawn out……Croatia

Group 1 - Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, Scotland, Macedonia, Wales

Well the games between Croatia v Serbia and Scotland v Wales should be interesting encounters, not to mention Macedonia against either Croatia or Serbia. Belgium are definitely the odd ones out here.

Next country………..Italy

Group 2 - Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Armenia, Malta

That looks quite a tough group there, Italy, Denmark and the Czechs battling it out for 2 places

Next up……Germany

Group 3 - Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan

Tough group for Ireland. They’ll be battling Sweden for a play-off place, as you’d expect Germany to win the group

Next country……Holland

Group 4 - Holland, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Andorra.

Hungary and Romania certainly aren’t the power they once were, so the Dutch should take that group with Turkey in 2nd.

Next out of the bag…..Norway

Group 5 - Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Cyprus, Iceland

That looks like quite a weak group there, England would’ve fancied that one.

Next out……Portugal

Group 6 - Portugal, Russia, Israel, N.Ireland, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg

Could be close between Portugal and Russia in that one

Just 3 countries to go, and one of them is England


Group 7 - Greece, Slovakia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein

England would’ve really wanted that one. Just 2 groups left and it’s either France or Poland for England now.

Next country……England

Group 8 - England, Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, San Marino

Some old favourites for England there. Poland, who they seem to be up against in nearly every qualifying tournament, Montenegro, who they meet in the Euro qualifiers, and San Marino, Stuart Pearce’s favourite team.

That just leaves……Spain

Group 9 - Spain, France, Belarus, Georgia, Finland

That’s quite a group. With only 1 definite qualifier, Spain and France are going to battling it out for that.

Matches don’t kick off till 8th September when Poland visit Wembley.

Here is a breakdown of England’s fixtures in Group 8

Poland (H), 8th September 2012
Ukraine (a) 12th September 2012
Moldova (a) 13th October 2012
Montenegro (H) 17th October 2012
San Marino (a) 27th March 2013
Poland (a) 8th June 2013
Ukraine (H) 7th September 2013
Moldova (H) 11th September 2013
San Marino (H) 12th October 2013
Montenegro (a) 16th October 2013

But for now, attention turns to the qualifiers for the 2012 European Championships. England lead Group H, unbeaten but have already dropped 4pts with draws in two home matches against Montenegro and Switzerland. England travel to Bulgaria in September as Montenegro go to Wales. It looks like it’s between those two at the moment.

the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-23, 19:46 by the deeb

Choosing an international squad for a fixture in August is always a tricky affair as so few players have played any competitive football at that stage.

England meet Holland at Wembley and the whole country is dying to see how things turn out for new manager, Brian Clough.

The only injury problem is Steven Gerrard who has not figured in Liverpool’s pre-season fixtures and so a midfield place is up for grabs.

Clough’s major decisions depended on whether he selected some of the legends, even though they haven’t been seen in league football yet.

He has included exciting youngsters such as Billy Wright (Wolves) and Bobby Moore (West Ham) who will provide strong competition for John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

In midfield, he has also gone for 18 year old, Bobby Charlton (Man Utd) and 19 year old, Stan Matthews (Stoke). Scott Parker (Tottenham) has come in for Gerrard.

Up front, Clough is confident he now has players who can put the ball in the back of the net as he goes for Gary Lineker (Leicester) and Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea).

It will be interesting to see how Clough sets his team up. Traditionally, he has favoured wide players such as John Robertson, Martin O’Neill and Gary Crosby. He seems to have an abundance of riches with Matthews, Ashley Young, Aaron Lennon, Theo Walcott and Stewart Downing. Only Matthews Lennon and Young have made this squad.

All told, Clough has chosen a squad which includes 8 players yet to win their first cap for their country. Either this will be a gamble that ultimately could cost Clough his job, or it could be the start of a famous era in English football

Full Squad

Robert Green (West Ham), 11 caps
Joe Hart (Man City), 11 caps
David Stockdale (Ipswich), 0 caps

Billy Wright (Wolves), 0 caps
Bobby Moore (West Ham), 0 caps
Micah Richards (Man City), 12 caps
Glen Johnson (Liverpool), 34 caps
Ashley Cole(Chelsea), 89 caps
John Terry (Chelsea), 68 caps
Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), 81 caps
Leighton Baines (Everton), 5 caps

Gareth Barry (Man City), 46 caps
Scott Parker (Tottenham), 6 caps
Phil Jones (Man Utd), 0 caps
James Milner (Man City), 19 caps
Bobby Charlton (Man Utd), 0 caps
Aaron Lennon (Tottenham), 19 caps
Stanley Matthews (Stoke), 0 caps
Frank Lampard (Chelsea), 86 caps
Ashley Young (Man Utd), 15 caps

Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), 70 caps
Gary Lineker (Leicester), 0 caps
Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea), 0 caps
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-23, 19:49 by Posh
They cant lose can they ?

Oh, Cruyff is on the other team isn't he ?

Doh !!!1
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-23, 21:04 by the deeb
england - England Legends Thebigmatch

Good evening and welcome to our coverage of England’s friendly with Holland at Wembley. This is the first match in charge for Brian Clough and the whole country is excited to see how he gets on.

Holland come here, having only ever won once at Wembley when a Johann Cruyff-inspired Dutch side won 2-0 with both goals from Jan Peters. The last meeting between these two countries was at The Amsterdam Arena when two goals from Jermaine Defoe brought England back from 0-2 down, to gain a 2-2 draw. The last 4 meetings have produced draws and you have to go back to August 2001 when Sven’s England were beaten 0-2 at White Hart Lane.

Clough has had his plans thrown a little into confusion with John Terry’s late withdrawal with an ankle injury. That could open the way for a debut for either Billy Wright or Bobby Moore.

In the studio, we have two pundits who are eagerly awaiting this match, Ian Wright, no relation to Billy which will become obvious when you see him, and Alan Shearer.

Evening, gentlemen.

Alan, this is an important match, despite being a friendly, isn’t it?

AS: Aye, it is. Brian Clough’s first match in charge and we’re all keen to see how he lines up his team.

Ian, do you think he’ll play 2 wide men with just 1 up front, or will he go with 3 at the back, do you think?

IW: Erm I dunno, to be honest. I just want England to win. When those guys put on the England shirt they need to bleed for their country, I just want them to give their all tonight and….

Yes, er, thanks Ian. Well, we can now get the latest team news.

Yes, I can reveal that Brian Clough’s first selection as England manager has handed debut caps to 3 players. Bobby Charlton, Stanley Matthews and Bobby Moore.

Moore comes in for the injured John Terry, Charlton in for Gerrard and Matthews comes in on the right. Clough has chosen Rooney up on his own in a 4-5-1 formation.

So here are the two line-ups

england - England Legends EnglandvHollandPreview_LineUps

Ok, thanks for that. Well, chaps, is that a gamble from Clough to include players as young as Moore and Charlton straight into the full side or should they have gone into the Under-21’s first?

AS: Erm, no, he may as well put them in a game like this, where the result doesn’t really matter. Otherwise he’s bringing them into an important game when England must win. Gerrard and Terry are out so why not see who could take their place.

IW: I agree with Al. You need to give kids a chance and see what they can do. I hope we get to see Lineker and Greaves later on too, and maybe Phil Jones, but we’ll see how things work out first.

Ok then, thanks for that. Well, we’ll take a break and be back with the match highlights.
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-23, 21:40 by the deeb
england - England Legends Thebigmatch

Welcome back, and so we go to the action and what a start for this young England side.
Within the opening 60 seconds, Lampard game England the lead.

AS: oh yes it was excellent. Matthews got down to the bye-line and crossed a dangerous looking ball, which the keeper flapped at. Lampard picked up the loose ball and hit a fierce shot past the keeper.

IW: Cracking start for England. Really pleased for Frank, he was first to that ball and finished brilliantly. But what a run from Matthews. The boy done good tonight, really pleased for him.

If that was impressive enough, within the first 15 minutes, England were 2 up! Bobby Moore getting a goal on his debut.

AS: Oh yes this was excellent. Don’t know what the Dutch defence was doing here, but they were caught asleep. Young’s corner and Moore was first there, great first touch and it was an easy finish.

IW: Yeah, Al’s right. Beautiful first touch and they just seemed to stand there, the defence, and Mooro just couldn’t miss. Cracking start and these geezers are the real deal, these Dutch, yet we was making them look 2nd rate. I mean, what was the bloke doing on the post? Just watched it go in

Yes and it wasn’t until just after the 15th minute that the Dutch mounted their first attack. Joe Hart flapped at a shot, but eventually claimed it. But the Dutch rarely threatened, which was surprising really.

AW: It was, but Gareth Barry was immense in the middle of the park. He bossed that game and he just gets better and better, for me.

IW: Matthews was a wizard on the wing too. I mean he’s only young but you wouldn’t know this was his debut, he ran them ragged.

Then to round off the first half, Barry got on the scoresheet.

AS: He was immense, for me, I mean he just bossed that first half. Really deserved his goal. But once again, you have to question the Dutch defence. Left him all alone.

IW: Al’s right, it was as if they had concrete boots and Barry just drifted to the back post and headed in. Triffic first half for England, but Holland just had a mare.

So England went in at half-time, 3-0 up and a dream start for the new manager.

For the Second half, it was all change for England.

Clough reverted to a 3-2-2-1-2 formation and brought on Billy Wright for Glen Johnson, Scott Parker for Rio Ferdinand, Jimmy Greaves for Wayne Rooney and Gary Linker for Frank Lampard.

This had Lineker and Greaves up front with Bobby Charlton just behind them.

AS: Yeah, England eased off a bit in the second half, for me. I mean they played well and were well in control but I think the formation they were playing needs some more work. I reckon Clough wanted to get 2 strikers in there, but had to change the way of playing to fit everyone in.

IW: Al’s right. It did tail off a bit, but come on, we’ve just beaten Holland 3-0. I mean, Holland? Dear, oh dear, we should be shouting this from the rooftops.

Midway through the half he brought on Richards for Bobby Moore and Phil Jones for Ashley Young. Jones winning his first cap, and Clough gave all the new boys their first appearance. How do think they did?

AS: Very well. I thought Matthews was brilliant. Charlton worked well in midfield, although he faded a bit towards the end.

IW: Greaves and Lineker were lively when they came on, and Jones seemed comfortable. Yeah, they all did really good. Things look promising after that.

england - England Legends EnglandvHollandSplitView

Ok, thanks, well we can hear from the England manager who’s won his first game.

Brian, you must be very pleased with that start, did it all go according to plan?

BC: Let me tell you, young man, that you’ve witnessed the start of an important period for English football. Those boys out there, were men against boys. You’ll go a long way before you see much better than that.

So, overall you’re pretty pleased. You made quite….

BC:…pretty pleased? Let me tell you, young man, you tell me who would’ve done a better job then?


BC: …go on, tell me

Well, of course few could, but were you concerned with the 2nd half performance, not adding to the lead?

BC: Listen. We’ve just played one of the best sides in world football and made them look like the sort of side Don Revie used to put out. They’re a good side, but they were made to look very poor indeed.

You had Rooney up on his own to begin with, but changed to 2 strikers for the 2nd half. Which formation do you prefer

BC: I prefer any formation that works, young man, and you just worry about what you’re going to write about in the morning and let us worry about that out there. Listen, we play like that every week, we’ll top of the league. 2 European Cups I won, d’ya hear that?

Ok, Brian, well done on your win and see you next month.

So, England go to Bulgaria next month for another crucial Euro qualifier. If they play half as well as they did tonight, 3pts are in the bag.

Al, what are the positives tonight?

AS: well, where do you start? Everyone, right from the keeper, played their part. I mean, this is the no.1 ranked side in the world, and we’ve played them off the park. Excellent

IW: 10 out of 10, for me. Really impressed with all of them, they all did good. Can’t wait for next month

Ok. Thanks for watching and see you next month.
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-24, 23:49 by the deeb

27th August 2011

Barely a month into the job and already Brian Clough is experiencing what so many of his predecessors had to put up with. Injuries.

He has now lost his first choice central defensive pairing of Ferdinand and Terry. Scott Parker took out of contention with a back injury and Steven Gerrard is still not fit. Jack Wilshere is also yet to appear this season as has Agbonlahor.

Clough may be glad he gave Bobby Moore and Billy Wright their first caps against the Dutch last month, as they could start in Sofia. Clough has brought in Joleon Lescott and Ryan Shawcross as well as Theo Walcott, who missed out from the squad chosen last month.

Full Squad

Robert Green (West Ham), 11 caps
Joe Hart (Man City), 12 caps
Scott Carson (Bursaspor, TUR), 3 caps

Billy Wright (Wolves), 1 cap
Bobby Moore (West Ham), 1 cap, 1 goal
Micah Richards (Man City), 13 caps, 1 goal
Glen Johnson (Liverpool), 35 caps, 1 goal
Ashley Cole(Chelsea), 90 caps
Joleon Lescott (Man City), 13 caps
Ryan Shawcross (Stoke), 0 caps
Leighton Baines (Everton), 5 caps

Gareth Barry (Man City), 47 caps, 3 goals
Phil Jones (Man Utd), 1 cap
James Milner (Man City), 19 caps
Bobby Charlton (Man Utd), 1 cap
Aaron Lennon (Tottenham), 19 caps
Stanley Matthews (Stoke), 1 cap
Frank Lampard (Chelsea), 87 caps, 23 goals
Ashley Young (Man Utd), 16 caps, 2 goals

Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), 71 caps, 26 goals
Gary Lineker (Leicester), 1 cap
Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea), 1 cap
Theo Walcott (Arsenal), 17 caps, 3 goals

England travel to Sofia to play Bulgaria on 2nd September and then play host to Wales on 6th September.
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-25, 00:03 by the deeb
england - England Legends Thebigmatch

Good evening and welcome to our special coverage of the European Championship Qualifiers. We’re in Sofia where England are playing Bulgaria. This is an important game as England have already dropped points against Montenegro and Switzerland. Montenegro, themselves, are in action in Cardiff against Wales. England will be hoping Wales can do them a favour by taking points off them.

With me in the studio are Alan and Mark. Alan, this is a big game tonight for England isn’t it?

AH: Aye, it is. I mean, England really have to win here. You hope Wales could get something against Montenegro, but England can-nay rely on that.

Mark, are you expecting many changes tonight from the Dutch game?

ML: Erm, well obviously Terry is out, Ferdinand’s out and Scott Parker’s not here either, so there’ll be 3 changes at least.

Is Billy Wright able to step up to replace Ferdinand, do you think?

AH: Absolutely. When you talk about strength, character and nouse, this guy’s got it all. I think he’s the real deal, looks very calm and good on the ball. Doesn’t look like anything phases him.

And to partner him at the back, Mark, who would you go for.

ML: Erm, I think Lescott will get the nod. He’s put in some good performances already for Man City, so you feel he’s ideal to come in. For me, it’s just about whether he plays 1 up front again, or goes for 2. Then he needs to decide whether it will be Jimmy Greaves or Gary Lineker who partners Rooney.

Ok, then. Well we’ll get the teams in a minute, but some news on the England Under-20’s who have been in action in the U20’s World Cup Final against Spain, and I’m pleased to say that England are World Champions!

england - England Legends SpainUnder20svEnglandUnder20sInformation_Overview

A fantastic win there and that really is a great result that bodes well for the future.

Some good youngsters on show here too, and here are the two teams for tonights game

england - England Legends BulgariavEnglandPreview_LineUps

AH: It’s as we thought, Wright and Lescott at the back and it looks like he’ll go for 2 wide players and Lampard playing just off the front two. They’ll need to be careful that Barry doesn’t get overrun in the middle, but it’s quite an attacking line-up

ML: Yeah, Greaves up alongside Rooney and it’ll be interesting to see how he does. I like the width that Young and Matthews should give and Lampard’s got an important role in behind the front two. England should have enough to win this.

Ok chaps, and it’s Frank Lampard who gets the captain’s armband, which will be a proud moment for him.

Let’s see what happened.

England struggled to gain control of the game and it was Bulgaria who put together most of the attacks although they rarely Joe Hart under any real pressure. Then in the 33rd minute, Lampard was in the area and was brought down and the ref pointed to the spot

AH: He put that away quite easily. Great responsibility on his shoulders and he gave England a vital lead, which was against the run of play a bit.

ML: Yeah, that was important as England, as you said, hadn’t struggled to look as cohesive as they had last month.

Well, as half-time approached, England had a free-kick on the left, which Frank Lampard took and Billy Wright found some space at the back post and headed his first goal for his country.

AH: Desperate defending. You cannah leave a player like that. I mean he had a free header and that just is poor play from the man who’s marking him

ML: Took his goal well, though. Just like Bobby Moore against Holland, Wright has popped up with a goal and I thought he played very well. Lampard involved again and the captaincy seemed to galvanise him.

So England went in at half-time 2-0 up and things were going according to plan. In Cardiff, Wales and Montenegro were goalless, so England would’ve been 2pts up on the Montenegrans at that point.

England then had control of the game and there really wasn’t much from the Bulgarians. 70 minutes in and it was all over

AH: Great header from Wright, but what was the defender doing? How can you let someone get above you like that? Disgraceful.

ML: Matthews took the corner and it was a good one, he picked out Wright and although he got above the defender, it was still a really good header to beat the keeper from there.

So, all in all a good win for England.

england - England Legends BulgariavEnglandSplitView

3-0 is a good win in any game, but away from home in an important game, that was impressive.

But, Montenegro eased past Wales with a crucial 4-1 win. So both sides are locked on 14pts. England meet Wales at Wembley on Tuesday, while Montenegro don’t play. It’s another game England must win.

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages

Impressive performance, Alan, or is there work still to do?

AH: Oh, there’s still work to do. I mean they cannah think they’ve got the group won yet and the final game against Montenegro could prove the decider. It’s away, so that won’t be easy, but some really good points tonight and that’s what Clough will be pleased about.

ML: Yes, I mean England took their time to gain control of the game, but when they did, they kept Bulgaria at arms length. Wright and Lescott were really strong at the back and I thought they all worked really hard. Lampard certainly seemed to grow with the responsibility of captaincy. Good result and they did what was required. Need to do the same on Tuesday now.

Ok, well in other results tonight, a fantastic performance from Northern Ireland. They were at home to Serbia, went a goal down and then a young man called George Best scored a hat-trick and they won 4-2. They have a really good chance of a play-off place now, just 2pts behind Slovenia with a game in hand.

england - England Legends NIrelandvSerbiaInformation_Overview

Elsewhere, Holland bounced back from their defeat at Wembley last month with a 3-0 win over San Marino, when Johann Cruyff scored 2 goals. In the same group, Hungary beat Sweden 3-1 and Ferenc Puskas scored a hat-trick. In Group H, Portugal won 6-1 away to Cyprus as Eusebio scored a hat-trick.

So, we’ll see you again on Tuesday at Wembley as England take on Wales. But for tonight, Clough looks as if he’s found a defender who’s made of the ‘Wright’ stuff. Goodnight
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-28, 11:03 by the deeb
england - England Legends Thebigmatch

Good evening and welcome to Wembley where we have coverage of England’s Euro Championship qualifier against Wales. England know that a draw will be good enough to guarantee a play-off place, yet they will really need a win to keep up their hopes up of a winning the group.

Montenegro sit out tonight, so England know that win keeps the pressure on.

After their 3-0 win in Bulgaria on Friday, Brian Clough has made just one change and that is to bring in Gary Lineker for Jimmy Greaves.

Joining me in the studio is Lee Dixon and John Toshack.

Lee the team news, would you have changed a winning team, or kept it as it was?

LD: I’d have left things as they were. England need to win the game and I thought Jimmy Greaves did ok, but I suppose Clough wants to see how Lineker would do when starting. Greaves had a go, so he may as well see what Lineker can do.

John, Wales took a bit of a hammering against Montenegro last Friday, do you think they can pick themselves up tonight.

JT: They need to. They’ve got no chance of qualifying but there are some good players on show and they’ll be keen to give a good account of themselves. I’m interested to see how Bellamy and Rush get on up front. I reckon this Ian Rush could be quite a player.

Ok, well here are the line-ups for tonight.

england - England Legends EnglandvWalesPreview_LineUps

Well, England were first out of the traps and really went at the Welsh. Rooney went close, and probably should’ve scored, Matthews was put through on the right, but the keeper saved, and then Billy Wright headed over from a corner.

This was all in the first 5 minutes and then Rooney was brought down in the area. Up stepped Frank Lampard and he made no mistake from the spot.

LD: Yes it was definitely a penalty, for me. Vaughan should’ve stayed on his feet and was a little rash in the challenge. Well taken penalty from Lampard, though.

JT: Erm, yes I think it was a penalty. He just needed to shepherd it out, but couldn’t resist sticking out a foot and he brought Rooney down.

Wales struggled to contain England as they kept piling forward and creating more chances. Lampard combined well with the front two and Matthews and Young were threatening down the wings.

But for all their chances, England were unable to make their dominance count and add to their lead.

In the second half, England carried on where they left off in the first period. Then just 4 minutes after the re-start, England doubled their lead and the game was over. Good move this and a great ball from Johnson

LD: Lovely ball in from Johnson and Rooney got there first. It was well delivered as the keeper wasn’t sure whether to try and come and meet it, before it bounced and Rooney had slipped his marker and was first to the ball.

JT: Shouldn’t have been allowed to get there, really, but the defence left it for the keeper and the keeper hesitated, and I’m afraid that was just what the Welsh didn’t need so soon after the break.

Clough then made three changes bringing on Charlton for Lampard, Phil Jones for Barry and Greaves to Lineker. They all made an impression but England weren’t able to add to their score

LD: Yeah, I thought Bobby Charlton looked really good. He created several chances and had a great effort where he tried to chip the keeper from the edge of the area, but unfortunately the ball went just wide.

JT: England were fully in control for the whole match. Hart hardly had anything to do, and I can’t recall him making a save. England were just too good right the way through the team, and then when the subs came on, they too added something to the performance. Fully deserved the win.

england - England Legends EnglandvWalesSplitView

Ok, well in the other game in Group G, Switzerland beat Bulgaria, 2-0. Here’s the group table

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages2

England now know that a draw next month in Montenegro would be enough to see them win the group. Montenegro could, in theory, still win the group, but they would have to beat Switzerland by 8 goals to overhaul England.

In Group C, Northern Ireland had a great result in Estonia as they won 5-1. With Slovenia losing 0-1 in Italy, that puts them in with an excellent chance of the play-offs. If they beat Estonia next month, then they’re in the play-offs.

In Group I, Scotland produced another good performance as they beat Lithuania, 4-0. They’re 2pts behind Czech Republic, and need the Czechs to slip up somewhere. The Czechs are at home to Spain and away to Lithuania. Scotland travel to Liechtenstein and then Spain.

So England march on with another win, under Brian Clough. It’s now 3 wins from 3 matches and no goals conceded. A point next month should be enough to see them win the group.
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Post on 2011-12-28, 12:48 by the deeb
england - England Legends Euro-2012-241

European Championship 2012 Qualifiers

The qualifying stages of the European Championships reaches its final month. Here’s look at each group to see who the qualifiers are likely to be

Group A

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-A
Germany had this group sewn up long ago, but 2nd place looks interesting. Both Turkey and Belgium have to play Germany, and both are then at home to one of the bottom two nations. If both sides finish on the same number of points, then it’s the head-to-head results that seperates them. Turkey are ahead on that, having won 3-2 at home and then a 1-1 draw.

Group B

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-B
Russia is in pole position to win this group, but Ireland may run them close. Ireland should win their final 2 matches, but unless Russia only gain 1 pt from their final two matches, then Ireland are likely to finish 2nd. Slovakia still has a chance of winning the group too. If they beat Russia and Macedonia, they have to hope that Ireland and Russia only draw their last matches.

Group C

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-C
Italy has won the group, dropping just 2pts in their draw in Belfast. Northern Ireland has put themselves in with a great chance of 2nd place, with 3-0 win over Faroe Islands, 4-2 v Serbia and 5-1 against Estonia.

The Irish just need a win over Estonia to be certain of 2nd place, as they won’t want to rely on having to go to Rome to get a result

Group D

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-D
This group has contained many surprises, but France should win the group, although Belarus will push them hard. Romania has been very disappointing, but Albania and Belarus have really impressed. Belarus 1-0 win in Paris in the opening game, was evidence of this.

France only need draws in their final matches to stay ahead of Belarus, as the head-to-head has France ahead at 2-1.

Group E

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-E
Holland should have the upper hand here. A win at home to Moldova should give them the group win, although Sweden will give them competition. Sweden may need to win both their last matches, including a game at home to Holland. The first meeting between Holland and Sweden ended with a 4-1 win for Holland. Sweden will need to overturn that deficit if they’re to finish top. Defeat for Sweden in both matches, could let Hungary in. It’s 29 years since they qualified for a major championships, and this could represent their best chance since.

Group F

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-F
Greece has been impressive in this group, dropping just 4pts. They’ve already clinched victory in the group, but 2nd place is still up for grabs. Israel has just an away trip to Malta to look forward to, which they should win. That means Croatia has to win both its final matches, one of them in Athens.

It would look like Israel will finish 2nd then, but everything could depend on the Greece v Croatia match.

Group G

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-G
England need just a draw in Montenegro to confirm the group win. Defeat for England, would mean Montenegro could win the group with a draw in Switzerland. Mathematically, Switzerland could overhaul Montenegro. They need to win both their final matches, hope England beat Montenegro and then they need to beat Montenegro themselves by at least 2 goals.

Group H

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-H
This is the closest of all 9 groups. Portugal, Denmark and Norway are all on 13pts. Norway are at a disadvantage win just 1 match left. The winner of the group could all depend on the final match in Copenhagen between Denmark and Portugal. Portugal won the first meeting in Lisbon, 3-1 so Denmark will need to beat that, unless Portugal slip up against Iceland.

Group I

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-I
Spain has rarely looked in trouble at all in this group and have already confirmed qualification. Scotland has a chance of 2nd place, although that might not be enough for the play-offs. At the moment, Czech Republic are the lowest ranked of all 2nd placed nations. For Scotland to overtake the Czechs, they must win in Liechtenstein and then get something from their trip to Madrid. If Czech Republic lose in Lithuania, that could open the door for the Scots.

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_Stages-2ndplace
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-28, 13:24 by Posh
Denmark look good in the group stages, hope they make it through and see what they can do Smile

Russia looking tough once again as well.
the deeb
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In a few days time, England manager, Brian Clough has to sit down and decide his squad for the crucial Euro 2012 qualifying match in Montenegro.

Clough knows that England need just a point from that match to confirm themselves as winners of Group G. Does he go with the tried and tested, or does he start to look at some young players who are starting to press their claims for selection.

Players like, Steve Bloomer, the Derby striker who has been exciting the crowds at Pride Park. 4 goals in 10 games for the 19 year old. He also scored on his debut for the Under-21s when they won 2-1 in Czech Republic.

Tom Finney is another who is starting to get noticed. He scored for the Under-21s when they beat Lithuania 3-0 at Vicarage Road. He has made a good start for Preston scoring twice this season. Goalkeeper, Gordon Banks is another who has a rich future ahead of him. He’s made two Under-21 appearances, conceding just 1, and has also conceded just 7 times in 9 league appearances for Chesterfield.

It may well be too early for these young guns, but one player certain to be in Clough’s squad is Steven Gerrard who is now back to full fitness and putting in some strong appearances for Liverpool, who are now 2nd in the table, just 1pt behind Aston Villa.

the deeb
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Euro Championship Friday

Welcome to our special coverage of the penultimate round of matches in the qualifiers for the Euro Championships. Already we have Germany, Italy and Spain certain of competing in Poland & Ukraine next summer, tonight we should see several other countries join them. Will one of them be England?

England are at the Pod Gorica Stadium in Montenegro, knowing that a draw is enough to win the group.

We should also see the likes of Holland and Greece join them, and possible France. There is a final round of fixtures on Tuesday when all the play-off contenders will be decided, and of course that could include Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland.

So, in Group A, the issue to be decided is who finishes Second, Turkey or Belgium.

Belgium v Kazakhstan
Turkey v Germany

Belgium may well move into 2nd place tonight, but they have to travel to Germany on Tuesday and Turkey are at home to Azerbaijan.

Group B, Russia could secure the group with a win in Slovakia. If that happens, then the play-off door is open to Ireland, who should win in Andorra.

Andorra v Ireland
Slovakia v Russia

Group C, Italy are already qualified, Northern Ireland could gain a play-off place with a win over Estonia tonight. If they lose, then they go to Rome on Tuesday needing to get something out of that game. Serbia are in with an outside chance of a play-off place, but will need to win tonight against Italy and on Tuesday against Slovenia

N.Ireland v Estonia
Serbia v Italy

Group D, France and Belarus are battling it out for the group win here, but France has a game in hand and so victory tonight over Albania should clinch things. Even a draw would be ok, but then they’d have to beat Bosnia on Tuesday

France v Albania
Romania v Belarus

Group E, Holland are in pole position in this group. A win over Moldova won’t confirm them as group winners, but will mean that Sweden need to win tonight and then overturn a 2-4 deficit in head-to-head matches on Tuesday. If Sweden slip up in Finland, Hungary could stand a chance of a play-off place

Finland v Sweden
Holland v Moldova

Group F, Greece just need a point tonight against Croatia, who themselves must win if their play-off hopes remain. If Croatia don’t win, then Israel should secure 2nd place.

Greece v Croatia

Group G, England’s group. A draw is good enough for England tonight, but Montenegro will be keen to keep Switzerland at bay. The two meet each other on Tuesday, so a draw for Montenegro will secure 2nd place, if the group win is beyond them

Montenegro v England
Wales v Switzerland

Group H, Portugal, Denmark and Norway all stand a chance of winning the group. Norway sits out tonights fixtures as Portugal are at home and Denmark away. It’s still not clear who will gain the advantage and this could go right to the wire

Cyprus v Denmark
Portugal v Iceland

Group I, Spain have walked this group, and even 2nd place may not get a play-off place, but Scotland will remain hopeful. They play in Liechtenstein tomorrow and the Czech Republic may only need a point tonight against Spain

Czech Republic v Spain

So, let’s have a look at the two line-ups in Pod Gorica. It looks like Clough has reverted to 4-5-1 with Rooney as the only attacker. Steven Gerrard comes into midfield for his first match under Clough. Ferdinand replaces Lescott in defence.

england - England Legends MontenegrovEnglandPreview_LineUps

We’ll have the goals right after the break
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7 mins: G - WALES 1 – 0 Switzerland, Ian Rush
7 mins: D - ROMANIA 1 – 0 Belarus
8 mins: B - SLOVAKIA 1 – 0 Russia
8 mins: H - PORTUGAL 1 – 0 Iceland

That goal in Cardiff for Wales is good news for England as that means Montenegro will be happy with a draw tonight, although news from there is that Frank Lampard has gone off injured and Scott Parker comes on.

10 mins: D - ROMANIA 2 – 0 Belarus
10 mins: B - Andorra 0 -1 IRELAND, McGeady
10 mins: E - HOLLAND 1 – 0 Moldova, Cruyff
11 mins: A - BELGIUM 1 – 0 Kazakhstan
12 mins: C - SERBIA 1 – 0 Italy
13 mins: A - Turkey 0 – 1 GERMANY

That goal for Ireland really makes things very tight in Group B. Russia, Ireland and Slovakia are all on 19pts.

15 mins: H - PORTUGAL 2 – 0 Iceland
16 mins: A - Turkey 0 – 2 GERMANY
16 mins: G - WALES 2 – 0 Switzerland, Rush, Collison
18 mins: B - Andorra 0 – 2 IRELAND, McGeady, Hunt
18 mins: C - N.IRELAND 1 – 0 Estonia, Lafferty

Laffery has put N.Ireland in front, and as Serbia are winning, that could prove crucial

21 mins: E - HOLLAND 2 – 0 Moldova, Cruyff (2)
21 mins: A - BELGIUM 2 – 0 Kazakhstan

24 mins: E - HOLLAND 3 – 0 Moldova, Cruyff (3)

And we have news from Montenegro of a goal.

“and it’s gone to the home side, I’m afraid. It’s been all Montenegro as England has been camped in their own half, but have managed to keep them out so far. England had to clear a ball into the area and Vukcevic picked it up on the edge of the area, dribbled to the left and then hit a low shot into the opposite corner, past Hart. Montenegro 1, England 0”

26 mins: G - MONTENEGRO 1 – 0 England

Defeat for England would see them go into the play-offs rather than win the group. That’s the first goal Clough’s side has conceded under his reign.

28 mins: H - Cyprus 0 -1 DENMARK
30 mins: E - HOLLAND 4 – 0 Moldova, Cruyff (4)
32 mins: D - FRANCE 1 – 0 Albania
33 mins: B - Slovakia 1 – 1 RUSSIA
34 mins: G - Wales 2 – 1 SWITZERLAND, Rush, Collison; Gavranovic

England are still unable to find a way past the Montenegran defence. Barry heads just wide froma corner and Matthews shot just wide when cutting in from the wing.

36 mins: E - Holland 4 – 1 MOLDOVA
37 mins: C - Serbia 1 – 1 ITALY
37 mins: H - CYPRUS 1 – 1 Denmark
38 mins: H - PORTUGAL 3 – 0 Iceland
38 mins: G - WALES 3 – 1 Switzerland, Rush (2), Collison; Gavranovic
38 mins: I - Czech Republic 0 – 1 SPAIN
40 mins: E - HOLLAND 5 – 1 Moldova, Cruyff (5)

Back to Pod Garica and news of a goal, who’s it gone to Kammy?

“unbelievable, Jeff. England have equalised. They’ve been awful in this first half, really up against it, but it was quick thinking from Matthews who intercepted a pass across the Montenegro defence and then squared it across the area. It went to Savic, who dwelled too long on the ball and Rooney slid in and got there first and it crept into the goal. They don’t deserve it, but it could be so, so important. Montenegro 1, England 1”

43 mins: G - Montenegro 1 – 1 ENGLAND, Vukcevic; Rooney
44 mins: H - Cyprus 1 – 2 DENMARK
45 mins: E - HOLLAND 6 – 1 Moldova, Cruyff (6)
45+1 mins: B - Andorra 0 -3 IRELAND, McGeady, Hunt, Wilson
45+2 mins: F - GREECE 1 – 0 Croatia
45+3 mins: E - FINLAND 1 – 0 Sweden

So that’s half-time in tonight’s matches. Let’s get a report from Chris Kamara out in Montenegro

England are 1-1, Jeff, but they’re lucky to still be in the game. They’ll need to change things around, they’re defending much too deep and when they counter, there’s not enough support for Rooney. Having said that, this scoreline suits both countries, although Montenegro might feel they can take this. Ferdinand and Wright have looked a bit suspect, Johnson has been beaten too many times on the right. We’ve yet to see Gerrard take charge of the game, either. But I reckon Clough will get into them at the break and we’ll see a different side in the second half. Half-time, Montenegro 1, England 1”
the deeb
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Second Half

News of any substitutions, Kammy?

“yes, Jimmy Greaves has come on as Clough moves to a more attacking formation. This could be a bit reckless, but I guess its his intention to force the home side back on their heels. Scott Parker makes way, as the poor guy started on the bench and has now returned to it.”

46 mins: B - SLOVAKIA 2 – 1 Russia
52 mins: C - Serbia 1 – 2 ITALY
52 mins: I - Czech Republic 0 – 2 SPAIN
52 mins: H - Cyprus 1 – 3 DENMARK
54 mins: C - SERBIA 2 – 2 Italy
54 mins: E - Finland 1 – 1 SWEDEN

Let’s go back to Poda Gorica and Chris Kamara

“unbelievable, Jeff. Billy Wright has scored again for England. Another header from a corner and he has got quite a scoring record for his country already. 2 goals against Bulgaria and now another one. He was unmarked at the corner and England are in front, and much more in control of the game now they’ve made changes. Montenegro 1, England 2”

57 mins: G - Montenegro 1 – 2 ENGLAND, Vukcevic; Rooney, Wright
57 mins: E - FINLAND 2 – 1 Sweden
60 mins: G - WALES 4 – 1 Switzerland, Rush (2), Collison, King; Gavranovic
62 mins: B - SLOVAKIA 3 – 1 Russia
63 mins: G - Wales 4 – 2 SWITZERLAND, Rush (2), Collison, King; Gavranovic (2)
64 mins: E - HOLLAND 7 – 1 Moldova
64 mins: A - BELGIUM 3 – 0 Kazakhstan
66 mins: C - N.IRELAND 2 – 0 Estonia, Lafferty, Best

George Best has just doubled N.Ireland’s lead and with Italy winning in Serbia, they’re in a good position for the play-offs.

66 mins: G - Wales 4 – 3 SWITZERLAND, Rush (2), Collison, King; Gavranovic (2), Inler
67 mins: A - BELGIUM 4 – 0 Kazakhstan
70 mins: G - Wales 4 – 4 SWITZERLAND, Rush (2), Collison, King; Gavranovic (2), Inler, Emeghara

Amazing game at the Millenium Stadium, as Switzerland have just come back from 1-4 down. If Switzerland take the lead, then that has concerns for Montenegro

78 mins: B - SLOVAKIA 4 – 1 Russia
81 mins: G - WALES 5 – 4 Switzerland, Rush (2), Collison, King, Collins (pen); Gavranovic (2), Inler, Emeghara

Quite amazing in Cardiff as Wales go back in front

85 mins: C - N.Ireland 2 – 1 ESTONIA, Lafferty, Best; Kutt
89 mins: B - SLOVAKIA 5 – 1 Russia
90+2 mins: B - Andorra 0 – 4 IRELAND, McGeady, Hunt, Wilson, Walters
90+2 mins: C - N.IRELAND 3 – 1 Estonia, Lafferty (2), Best; Kutt
90+2 mins: G - Wales 5 – 5 SWITZERLAND, Rush (2), Collison, King, Collins (pen); Gavranovic (2), Inler, Emeghara (2)

90 minutes are up and in Montenegro, England are still 2-1 up, Chris

“yes, the fourth official has just put the board up with 3 minutes of injury time to be added on. Clough has shuffled the pack again and Rooney has been taken off with Phil Jones coming on. That means Ashley Young has gone up front to partner Greaves, with Barry moving to the left and Jones in at DM”

And the final whistle has gone in Pod garica and England have won. They’re through to the European Championships as group winners.

We’ll be back after the break with a full rundown of tonights results
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-28, 22:44 by Posh
A nail biter there eh?

Look at Wales, wow.

And Cruyff for Holland, six of the best, he will be tough to stop. Yikes !!!
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-28, 22:56 by the deeb
Welcome back, well what a night of international football we’ve had here.

England has won Group G, N.Ireland book a play-off place and Ireland are still in with a chance of the play-offs too. Wales takes part in one of the most remarkable international matches for years.

So, let’s start with Group G and England went to Montenegro knowing a draw would be enough. They started poorly and went behind to a goal from Vukcevic, but then Rooney equalised before half-time. Then in the second half, Billy Wright headed in a Matthews corner and England won 2-1.

england - England Legends MontenegrovEnglandSplitView

In the other game in the group, Wales and Switzerland played out a remarkable 5-5 draw.

england - England Legends WalesvSwitzerlandInformation_Overview

Wales took the lead when Ian Rush scored after just 7 minutes. Jack Collison then made it 2-0 after 16 minutes. Mario Gavranovic then got one back for the Swiss in 34 minutes, before Rush got his 2nd of the game and Wales restored their 2-goal advantage at 3-1.

In the second half, Andy King then put Wales 4-1 up, before Gavranovic got another one back to make it 4-2. Gokhan Inler then made it 2 goals in 3 minutes for the Swiss, to make it 4-3. Innocent Emeghara then completed an amazing comeback when he equalised in the 70th minute, 4-4. Into the final 10 minutes and James Collins converted a penalty to put Wales back in front, 5-4, but then Emeghara broke Welsh hearts with a dramatic equaliser 2 minutes into injury time.

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_StagesG_7

In Group C, N.Ireland did what they had to in Belfast as they beat Estonia, 3-1. Serbia and Italy played out a 2-2 draw and so N.Ireland has confirmed 2nd place in the group.

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_StagesC_9

Group B saw Ireland travel to Andorra and win comfortably, 4-0. But it was the result in Zilina that was most surprising, as Slovakia beat Russia, 5-1. This now makes the final matches on Tuesday, really tight. Ireland need Russia to slip up at home to Andorra otherwise you can see the top 3 sides all winning.

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingOverview_StagesB_7

In Group H, Portugal and Denmark both won and so we go to a decider between the two in Copenhagen on Tuesday. Norway can’t win the group now, but they could still reach the play-offs

In Group F, Greece sealed qualification with a 1-0 win over Croatia. Croatia will now need Israel to lose against Malta for them to reach the play-offs, or else Israel will take that spot.

Group E saw a remarkable individual performance from Holland’s Johann Cruyff. He scored 6 in a 7-1 win over Moldova. With Finland beating Sweden, 2-1 that means Holland has qualified. Sweden’s defeat now opens the door for Hungary to reach the play-offs at their expense.

In Group D, France has won the group, with Belarus finishing 2nd.

Group A, well Germany won this a while back, but Belgium has now got the advantage over Turkey, but they have to go to Germany on Tuesday needing a point. Turkey are at home to Azerbaijan and will qualify for the play-offs if they win and Belgium lose.
the deeb
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European Championships Qualifiers – Final Round

Group A, Germany finished off their campaign with a 100% record as they beat Belgium, 1-0. Turkey beat Azerbaijan, 7-0 and so go into the play-offs

Qualifier: Germany
Play-off: Turkey

Group B, Russia beat Andorra, 3-0. Ireland were held at home, 1-1 by Armenia, but with Slovakia drawing 2-2 in Macedonia, Ireland go into the play-offs

Qualifier: Russia
Play-off: Ireland

Group C, Italy beat N.Ireland, 1-0 and the other game was Slovenia and Serbia drawing 1-1.

Qualifier: Italy
Play-off: N.Ireland

Group D, France beat Bosnia, 4-0 and so won the group easily. Romania drew 0-0 with Albania

Qualifier: France
Play-off: Belarus

Group E, Sweden pulled off the result of the night as they thumped Holland, 5-0. Poor old Hungary were left to wonder what might have been as they beat Finland, 3-1.

Qualifier: Holland
Play-off: Sweden

Group F, Greece beat Georgia, 2-0 but they had already won the group. Croatia beat Latvia, 3-0 ,but Israel were unable to beat Malta as they drew, 1-1, and so Croatia progressed to the play-offs.

Qualifier: Greece
Play-off: Croatia

Group G, Switzerland and Montenegro drew 2-2. Wales pulled off their only win of the qualifiers as they beat Bulgaria, 3-1 in Sofia

Qualifier: England
Play-offs: Montenegro

Group H, In the group decider, Denmark and Portugal played out a 1-1 draw. Head-to-head results meant that Portugal finished ahead of Denmark. Norway lost 0-1 to Cyprus.

Qualifier: Portugal
Play-offs: Denmark

Group I, Spain had already won this group and continued their 100% record with a 2-1 win over Scotland. A nervous time for the Scots was over when Lithuania pulled off a stunning 2-1 win over Czech Republic.

Qualifier: Spain
Play-offs: Scotland
the deeb
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Euro Champs Play-offs Draw

Sweden v Montenegro
Turkey v Belarus
Ireland v Scotland
N.Ireland v Croatia

Ireland and Scotland are to meet each other in the play-offs for the 2012 Euros. Ireland are at home in the first leg. N.Ireland has been drawn against Croatia, and as their home form is good, they will be confident of gaining a lead from the first leg.
the deeb
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The ‘Autumn Internationals’ organised by The FA, were a mixed affair for Brian Clough’s England. Spain, on Friday, gave England a lesson in passing and movement and were clinical in their finishing. But against Italy, on Tuesday, England were much more inventive and probably less respectful.

1-3 down at half-time against the Spanish, Clough changed things around at half-time and England were much more in the game during the second period. They couldn’t get back into the game, in terms of scoring, but at least they discovered where the problems had existed in the first half.

england - England Legends EnglandvSpainSplitView

Against Italy, England were at them from the off. A real treat for the fans, the game was open all the way through, and memorable for the first goals in an England shirt from Chelsea’s ‘wonderkid’ Jimmy Greaves.

With Wayne Rooney’s injury, Clough had chosen Andy Carroll and played him in a role supporting Greaves. Within 5 minutes the partnership had worked with a traditional goal that English football fans have enjoyed throughout the ages. It took you back to the days of Withe & Woodcock at Forest.

Greaves 2nd goal was a scorcher. He pounced on some indecision in by Cannavaro and thumped an unstoppable shot past Zoff in the Italian goal.

England eventually won 3-2, but were a little fortunate to get away with some missed chances on the Italians behalf, as the visitors brand of counter-attacking often found their strikers getting away from the English defence.

england - England Legends EnglandvItalySplitView

What Clough will be concerned most with, though, is the injuries to Rooney, Gerrard, Ashley Cole and Phil Jones (all 3 mths). The flip side of that is both Rooney and Gerrard should be fresh come next summer, but they will have missed a lot of games and may not feature in any friendlies in early 2012.

European Championship Play-offs

england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingPL_1
england - England Legends EuropeanChampionshipQualifyingPL_2

Drama in the play-offs, as Scotland qualifies for their first European Championships since England '96. Tense times at Hampden Park as they tried to defend a 3-2 lead from the first leg in Dublin. Despite losing 1-2, they went through on away goals.

N.Ireland failed to overcome Croatia, having been beaten 1-2 in Belfast.

There was much drama in Montenegro as the home side cancelled out Sweden's lead from the 1st leg. The tie went into penalties, which Montenegro won 6-5. They will now compete in a major tournament for the first time in their history. The same couldn't be said for Belarus, who couldn't score against Turkey.

the deeb
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england - England Legends Euro-2012-241

European Championships 2012 – Draw

Here we are in Warsaw for the, eagerly awaited, draw for next summer’s European Championships to be held in Poland and Ukraine.

16 countries have qualified and they are split into 4 groups of 4 seeds

1st Seeds

2nd Seeds

3rd Seeds

4th Seeds

England can rest in the knowledge they cannot meet Holland, France or Italy, but could still be drawn against teams like Germany, Spain, Portugal and Scotland.

Teams will be drawn from the 4th pot of seeds and then 3rd and so on. There will be 4 groups of 4.

So, here we go with the first country to be drawn, who will go into Group A

DENMARK - winners in ‘92

Next, for Group B

MONTENEGRO - first Euros for them

Group C

TURKEY - losing Semi-Finalists in ‘08

Group D

SCOTLAND - first Finals since ‘96

Ok, so now to the 3rd group of seeds

Group A

RUSSIA - losing Semi-Finalist in ‘08

Group B

GREECE - winners in ‘04

Group C

PORTUGAL - losing finalists in ’04 & losing Semi-Finalists in 2000

Group D – to go with Scotland


Well, now we get to England’s group of seeds. They will probably fancy Group B.

Here’s the first team out of the hat

Group A

HOLLAND - winners in ’88, and losing Semi-Finalists in ’92, ’00 & ‘04

Group B

ENGLAND - well, that’s probably what they would’ve wanted.

Group C

ITALY - winners in ’68, losing finalists ‘00

Group D

FRANCE - winners in ’84 &‘00

So now we have the final pot of seeds and England will be looking for one of the hosts, rather than Germany or Spain

Group A

UKRAINE - hosts and first appearance in Finals

Group B

POLAND - hosts and their first appearance in finals was ‘08

Group C

GERMANY - winners in ’72, ’80 & ’96, losing finalists ’76, ’92, & ‘08

Group D

SPAIN - current holders of the trophy, also winners in ’64, and losing finalists in ‘84

So, that’s probably as good a draw as England could’ve hoped for. They’ll meet Montenegro, who they beat in qualifying, and also Poland, who they seem to meet in every single qualifying or finals tournament. Greece may not be the side they were when they won the trophy in Portugal in ’04.

Scotland has a really tough group with Spain, France and Croatia.

The tournament will kick-off on Saturday 9th June 2012 when Poland play England.

Here are the fixtures for England and Scotland

Saturday 9th June
v Poland
Wednesday 13th June
v Montenegro
Monday 18th June
v Greece
Sunday 10th June
v Croatia
Friday 15th June
v France
Wednesday 20th June
v Spain
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-29, 13:53 by Posh
Greece can be a very tough team to beat (when they show up) but I think you will be OK. Just don't mention the word "clown"

Doh !!!!
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-29, 14:16 by FootyFowler
Should be alright through the groups but that loss to Spain could be a worry!
the deeb
Re: England Legends
Post on 2011-12-29, 19:43 by the deeb
England start 2012 with an impressive win at Wembley against Belgium.

Two cracking goals as well, as Stanley Matthews and Bobby Charlton entertained the crowd by scoring their first goals for England. Phil Jones also scored his first goal for England as they cruised to a 4-1 win

england - England Legends EnglandvBelgiumSplitView
the deeb
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Post on 2011-12-29, 20:19 by the deeb
Looks like The Daily Mail has broken the news about England moving up the rankings

england - England Legends BrianCloughNews_Inbox_Ranking_mar2012

How you can 'soar' up one place is beyond me, but presumably we'll 'plummet' back down to 4th soon
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It's that ole devil, metatarsul again

england - England Legends BrianCloughNews_Inbox-1

5 days before Clough announces his preliminary squad of 30 for the European Championships, Joleon Lescott has been given the news he will be out for 4 months, which means he will miss a tournament he seemed destined to take part in.
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@the deeb wrote:
Joleon Lescott has been given the news he will be out for 4 months, which means he will miss a tournament he seemed destined to take part in.

That's a shame, he has been solid at Left Back for me, Ashley Cole can't get a game for me at the moment.
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yeah, he's really useful in that WG tactic, as he can play LB or DC.
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Clough Names His Preliminary Squad

Brian Clough has named his preliminary squad for the forthcoming European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. England is up against Poland, Montenegro and Greece in the tournament that begins on 9th June 2012.

There are one or two injury concerns, before they register their squad on 1st June 2012.

Rio Ferdinand is undergoing treatment for strained knee ligaments and expected to be out for 4-5 weeks.
Ashley Cole is receiving specialist treatment for a fractured arm and expected to be out for 7-12 days.
Scott Parker is undergoing treatment for a hernia and expected to be out for 2-3 weeks.
Frank Lampard is undergoing treatment for a back strain and expected to be out for 3 weeks.
Theo Walcott is receiving specialist treatment for a broken ankle and expected to be out for 2-4 weeks.

Clough has named two uncapped players in his squad, Ryan Shawcross (Stoke) and Chris Smalling (Man Utd). Players such as Owen Hargreaves, Adam Johnson and Gary Cahill will be disappointed to have missed out.

Full Squad


Robert Green
West Ham
Scott Carson
Bursaspor (TUR)
Joe Hart
Man City


Billy Wright
Bobby Moore
West Ham
Micah Richards
Man City
Glen Johnson
Chris Smalling
Man Utd

Phil Jones
Man Utd
Ashley Cole

John Terry
Rio Ferdinand
Man Utd
Ryan Shawcross

Leighton Baines


Gareth Barry
Man City
Scott Parker

Tom Huddlestone

James Milner
Man City

Ashley Young
Man Utd
Bobby Charlton
Man Utd
Steven Gerrard
Aaron Lennon

Stanley Matthews
Frank Lampard

Theo Walcott
Wayne Rooney
Man Utd
Peter Crouch
Andy Carroll
Jimmy Greaves
Gary Lineker

In preparation for the tournament, England has arranged some friendlies

22nd May v Ireland, Wembley
26th May v Ukraine, Kiev
31st May v Bulgaria, Sofia

Clough wouldn't be drawn on who is likely to miss out on the final squad, but he is obviously playing cards close to his chest and keeping his options open.

He did, however, comment he was looking forward to the tournament where they were going to be up against "clowns, muppets & philosophers"
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Oh no, he said the Clown word.

Is it all over already, should the players pack their bags ?
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Pre-Tournament Friendlies

England has completed their friendlies prior to Euro 2012. Manager, Brian Clough used his squad to work out his best tactics and line-ups before he has to trim it down from 30 to 23 players.

The Ireland game was a bit frustrating, England created plenty of chances but just couldn’t convert any of them. They dominated the game, but maybe as it was only a friendly, they just lacked that cutting edge.
england - England Legends EnglandvIrelandSplitView
Away to Ukraine was an impressive performance. This time they converted their chances, with Andy Carroll continuing his fine goalscoring form. He now has 4 goals in 3 starts under Clough. He and Rooney worked well together, and Ashley Young put in an impressive performance too.
england - England Legends UkrainevEnglandSplitView
Against Bulgaria, England were cruising at 2-0, as Rooney was on fire. Yet another penalty for England set them on their way. England were coasting and Clough seemed keen to keep his most important players away from harm, but then Bulgaria managed to get back into it. Clough will be annoyed with conceding 2 sloppy goals including one deep in injury time.

england - England Legends BulgariavEnglandSplitView-1

Now for the serious stuff, as we countdown to Euro 2012

Update on injuries

Rio Ferdinand is expected to be out for 4-11 days.
Ashley Cole is 93% fit
Scott Parker is 78% fit
Frank Lampard is expected to be out for 1-3 days.
Theo Walcott is expected to be out for 1-5 days

The first match is in 9 days time
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Various England managers have chosen a variety of ways of wittling down a group of players to a final registration squad of 23 (or 22 as it used to be).

Current manager, Brian Clough is currently considering his final choice, although it’s debatable as to whether he considers it necessary to use a Kenny G track to ease the bad news for 7 players who will miss out.

As England chose Ukraine and Bulgaria for their friendlies, those 7 players will have the unenviable feeling of so near, yet so far away.

No, that’s not a cue for Johnny Mathis.

As Clough chose 3 goalkeepers, it is reasonable to suggest that Joe Hart, Scott Carson and Robert Green are safe. Hart has been Clough’s first choice through the qualifiers, yet Green and Carson performed well during the recent friendlies.

Ferdinand’s injury is a concern. Mainly as he is unlikely to make the Poland game, but should be fit for Montenegro. For selection purposes, sometimes it’s easier if the decision is taken from you, in that he would miss the whole tournament. He is likely to remain first choice, when fit, but the emergence of Wright and Moore, gives England a much more attacking option from their centre-backs than, perhaps, Ferdinand and Terry provide.

Ashley Cole’s return from injury would suggest he will be first left back, but Leighton Baines has deputised well through the friendlies and could well be in for cover.

Glen Johnson has had an impressive season for Liverpool, has been a regular in the qualifiers and it’s difficult to see anyone taking his place. Micah Richards is likely to be ahead of Chris Smalling as cover, but Billy Wright’s ability to play at right-back could mean Richards misses out as well.

In midfield, Aaron Lennon failed to make much of an impression during the friendlies. Stanley Matthews has looked at home on the right, and would appear to be a first choice. James Milner could provide an alternative and as he can play on the left too, he may be too useful to leave out. Tom Huddlestone would appear to remain behind Scott Parker in the pecking order, but is there room for Gareth Barry, Phil Jones and Parker? Jones ability to also play in defence may give him the nod over Parker. Young Man Utd midfielder, Bobby Charlton is doing well to push Lampard and Gerrard for a starting place.

Up front, Rooney is a ‘shoe-in’. Carroll’s knack for goals would also get him a place. It looks unlikely that Walcott’s efforts to reach full fitness with be anything other than in vain. That could leave 2 to choose from Crouch, Greaves and Lineker. Lineker’s red card against Ireland could well count against him, as Crouch looks as if he’ll be rewarded for a fine season with Stoke. Greaves’ goals against Italy are likely to present Clough with the opportunity to unleash his pace on static defences.

As for music accompaniment, with Clough being a Sinatra fan, you can hardly see beyond a rendition of ‘My Way’.

Suggested squad

Goalkeepers: Hart, Green, Carson
Defenders: Glen Johnson, Wright, Moore, Cole, Terry, Ferdinand, Baines
Midfield: Jones, Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Matthews, Young, Parker, Milner, Charlton
Strikers: Rooney, Carroll, Crouch, Greaves
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@the deeb wrote:

Suggested squad

Goalkeepers: Hart, Green, Carson
Defenders: Glen Johnson, Wright, Moore, Cole, Terry, Ferdinand, Baines
Midfield: Jones, Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Matthews, Young, Parker, Milner, Charlton
Strikers: Rooney, Carroll, Crouch, Greaves

Hmmm, I know I would leave Green and Carson at home where they can do no harm. The choices are limited though for backup, Forster has done a good job for me. Turnbull is also decent.

Ferdinand can also stay at home where he can shine up his zimmer frame, Terry??? Getting slower and slower as the days drag on and would be destroyed by the faster forwards in europe. He may be better helping Rio shine up the frames.

Carroll, totally useless for me, dropped him like a hot potato at the first chance I got. Crouchy same thing, just didn't cut it in my new formation.

My Suggestions:-
Jones gets the nod for me as DC, plays a wicked right back as well as DM/CM. Cant go wrong with that lad.
Scotty Parker, brilliant in the middle of the park, wouldn't leave home without him.

If Lineker cant go, I would love to see Theo fit and in that line up with Greaves, the speed up front would be amazing.

Just my two cents worth.

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Euro 2012 Preview


Manager: Brian Clough, age 56, in charge since July 2011
Qualification Record: 1st Group G. Pld 8, won 6, drew 2, lost 0, scored 18, against 4

Pre-tournament friendlies
22nd May – Ireland, 0-0
26th May – Ukraine, 3-1
31st May – Bulgaria, 2-2

Have had a chequered past with this tournament. Their best performance was at home in 1996 when they were beaten in the Semi-Final shootout by Germany.

Since the tournament became such, in 1980, rather than the Semi-Final/Final it was before, England has failed to qualify twice (in 1984 & 2008), but they are back now and keen to progress further than the group stage. Something they have only managed twice in 6 attempts.

Manager, Brian Clough has built a mixture of youth and experience in his squad, with seasoned Euro-participants such as Rio Ferdinand & Steven Gerrard who are arriving at their 3rd Championships, along with Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and John Terry., who played when England last contested a Euro in 2004. Add to this, some very exciting youngsters like Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Moore, Billy Wright and Stanley Matthews, and you have a squad that could certainly think about a top 4 finish.

Saturday 9th June, v Poland
Wednesday 13th June, v Montenegro
18th June, v Greece


Manager: Franciszek Smuda, age 63, in charge since October 2009
Qualification Record: Hosts

Pre tournament friendlies
28th May – Azerbaijan, 1-1
2nd June – Israel, 1-2
5th June – Denmark, 3-1

Remarkably for a country that has quite a good record of qualifying for World Cups, Poland has only competed in one other Euro tournament before, in 2008. They went out in the group stage then, but as joint hosts they will expect a top 8 finish at least.

Manager, Smuda, has a relatively inexperienced squad to choose from with Dortmund’s Jakub Blaszczykowski the most capped player with 43 caps. They have only 4 players who have appeared for their country at least 30 times. The goals are expected to come from Villareal’s Robert Lewandowski, who has 13 international goals to his name.

Much is anticipated from 20 year old Grzegorz Lato, who plays his football at Atletico Madrid. He is yet to make his debut in the full side, but 8 goals in just 6 under-21 appearances point to an exciting future ahead of him. Whether he will be able to provide enough fire power, or have enough support, remains to be seen, but Poland may only be able to rely on home advantage to see them through as England and Greece could prove too strong.

Saturday 9th June, v England
Thursday 14th June, v Greece
Monday 18th June, Montenegro


Manager: Branko Brnovic, age 44, in charge since September 2011
Qualification Record: 2nd Group G, Pld-8, won-4, drew-3, lost-1, scored-11, against-6
Play off – Sweden, 0-1, 1-0

Pre-tournament friendlies
25th May – Armenia, 3-0
4th June - Bosnia, 1-2

Montenegro has qualified for their first Euro Championships at the first time they’ve competed for it. Finished 2nd to England, now sees them up against their victors again and may find this tournament purely a learning experience. Mirko Vucinic of Juventus is the side’s top player and captain. He is backed up by Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic.

Sunday 10th June, v Greece
Wednesday 13th June, v England
Monday 18th June, v Poland


Manager: Fernando Santos, age 57, in charge since July 2010
Qualification Record: 1st Group F, Pld-10, won-8, drew-2, lost-0, scored-16, against-4

Pre-tournament friendlies
27th May – Italy, 0-2

Greece, like Denmark, will always have a place in the pantheon of Euro Championships for their unlikely win in 2004. They went out in the group stage in 2008, just like their only other appearance in 1980. This time round there is hope of a last 8 match, at least. Their two top players from German clubs, Sokratis Papastathopoulos (Bremen) and Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Schalke) carry all Greek hopes. Giorgos Karagounis is their most capped player with 110 appearances and they still have Angelos Charisteas, who scored the winner in the ’04 final, and Katsouranis who also played in that match.

Where they may be lacking is in goals. Just 16 in 10 qualifying matches, and they’ve only scored 3 in 4 matches since then.

Sunday 10th June, v Montenegro
Thursday 14th June, v Poland
Monday 18th June, v England


Brian Clough has decided which 7 players are to fly home from the squad, to leave him with a final selection of 23.

The players to miss out are Micah Richards, Chris Smalling, Ryan Shawcross, Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon, Peter Crouch and Gary Lineker

This means that Theo Walcott got the nod ahead of Peter Crouch

1 – Joe Hart
13 – Robert Green
23 – Scott Carson

2 – Glen Johnson
3 – Ashley Cole
4 – John Terry
5 – Rio Ferdinand
12 – Billy Wright
14 – Bobby Moore
15 – Phil Jones
16 – Leighton Baines

6 – Gareth Barry
7 – Stanley Matthews
8 – Steven Gerrard
11 – Frank Lampard
17 – Scott Parker
18 – James Milner
19 – Ashley Young
20 – Bobby Charlton

9 - Andy Carroll
10 – Wayne Rooney
21 – Theo Walcott
22 – Jimmy Greaves
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The crowd shouts "Theo"

Good choice there El Capitan Smile
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england - England Legends Euro-2012-241

The Big Match

Good evening and welcome to our coverage of the opening match in the 2012 European Championships. Tonight, we’re at the Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw for the match in Group B between Poland and England.

For England, Poland always represents a certain trepidation. It all harps back to 1973 when they qualified for the World Cup at England’s expense. Contrary to the hype, England has a very good record against tonight’s opponents. The two countries have met 17 times, England winning 10 and drawing 6. Poland’s only success was in June 1973 when they won 2-0 here in Warsaw. The two countries have only met once in a major tournament before, when England won 3-0 in Mexico in 1986. That was a game England needed to win to progress in the competition. This time it is simply an opening match, but England are a rejuvenated side under manager, Brian Clough.

With me in the studio are Alan and Mark. Alan, England have every right to be positive about tonight, don’t they?

AH: Aye, they do. They’ll need to be strong in defence and with Ferdinand still not 100% fit, Billy Wright comes in for a massive match. They’ll look to important players like Gerrard and Rooney to provide the inspiration. Matthews and Young will provide the width and I reckon they should have too much for Poland, but it’ll be close

Mark, Poland are at home so should be respected, right?

ML: Indeed. It’s a cliché, but there are no easy games in international football, and especially once you get to this stage. It’s what makes the European Championships the toughest tournament to win, I reckon. Lato is an interesting selection up front, he has been causing a stir on the continent with his performances and will want to make an impact in his own country.

Ok, thanks lads. Well, let’s have a look at the line-ups

england - England Legends PolandvEnglandPreview_LineUps

Now after the break we’ll get into the action. Don’t go away
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The first half of the opening match of this year’s European Championships produced no goals. Both teams had chances, although Poland probably had the better ones with Lato going close on a couple of occasions.

AH: Yes, it was a tight affair, tense with both teams just sizing each other up. A couple of times Poland got in behind the England defence, but they couldn’t convert them.

ML: Yes, I thought Poland looked a little nervous. They are less experienced than England, and yet seemed to be under more pressure. England had a couple of chances, but nothing really clear-cut.

Into the second half, then, and whatever Clough said at half-time worked. 4 minutes in, and this happened.

AH: Cracking finish from Andy Carroll. Good ball into the box from Young and the control to keep that shot down was superb. Great start to the 2nd half.

ML: Yes, I’d thought Clough would change this about for the 2nd half, but he didn’t, he just fired them up and the result was this. Excellent finish from a guy who’s got a great record for scoring goals for England, already.

Yes, that’s 4 goals in just 6 appearances in an England shirt.

7 minutes later and Young was again involved in the move. This time his cross was met first time by Rooney and England were 2-0 up

AH: Another good finish and suddenly England were ruthless. In the first half they’d looked a little off the pace, but all of a sudden these shots were going in.

ML: Great finish and 10 minutes into the second half and it was really all over as a contest. The Poles looked devastated.

Then 10 minutes later and England were 3-0 up. Gerrard was brought down in the box, and he stepped up to take the penalty and made no mistake

AH: Definite penalty, for me. Gerrard picked up a ball from Matthews and was there too early for the defender, who tripped him. Good penalty from Gerrard, and England were home and dry.

ML: Stone-wall penalty. Defender was too late in the tackle and definitely brought down Gerrard, and yes it was a good penalty, well taken and difficult to save. Keeper never moved.

This looked like it was finished as a game, but then came the final nail in the Polish coffin, and fittingly, it was Ashley Young who scored it

AH: Yeah, this was the best goal of the game. Fantastic ball from Matthews, brilliantly weighted and Young met it first time.

ML: Yeah, this was pure class. Each goal was a cross from the wing, met first time by the scorer. Well, apart from the penalty. But, the cross from Matthews was inch perfect and you see the defender desperately trying to reach it, but not sure he can without putting it in the net himself. Excellent.

So that was it

england - England Legends PolandvEnglandSplitView

England win the opening match, 4-0 and that really is a marker put down for the other countries in this tournament. Arguably, that is the best start to a tournament England has made since they beat France 3-1 in 1982. Back then, each performance failed to live up to the previous one. Let’s hope that’s not the same this time.

Well, tomorrow there are 3 matches, including our first look at Scotland who play Croatia. The holders, Spain, meet France and Greece meet Montenegro
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Brilliant start, glad that El Greaso is doing the job for you and knocking them in.

Waiting to see how Greece do, I might put a fiver on them Surprised
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Euro 2012 – Update – Day Two

Second day of the 2012 European Championships and we have had some drama today.

Firstly, we look at how Scotland got on against Croatia in Poznan. Group D is probably the toughest group of the lot, as it also contains Spain and France.

But Scotland did magnificently, and pulled off, what must be, their greatest performance in a major tournament ever.

england - England Legends ScotlandvCroatiaInformation_Overview

Then, the next surprise came in Warsaw, when holders Spain 1-0 up against France, and yet lost 1-2. Juste Fontaine with a dramatic winner, 3 minutes into injury time.

england - England Legends SpainvFranceInformation_Overview

Montenegro and Greece met in Gdansk, in Group B and Greece pulled off a comfortable 2-0 win.

england - England Legends MontenegrovGreeceInformation_Overview

So a wonderful start for both home nations as England and Scotland lead their respective groups

Group B

3 – England
3 – Greece
0 – Montenegro
0 – Poland

Group D

3 – Scotland
3 – France
0 – Spain
0 – Croatia

Tomorrow, we see two games in Group A

Holland v Ukraine
Denmark v Russia
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Woohoo, Glad I put my fiver on Greece.

I will let it ride and go for the trifecta Smile
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Day Three

Group A was unveiled today and first up we were in Kharkiv, and what a classic it was. Within 60 seconds of the kick-off, Konoplyanka gave Ukraine the lead. But then Johan Cruyff equalised for the Dutch, but then 5 minutes later, Ronald Koeman put through his own net and Ukraine were back in front. In the 30th minute, Yarmolenko then made it 3-1. Ukraine were in wonderland, but then the Dutch had a penalty, 6 minutes before half-time, and Rafael van der Vaart converted it.

So, 3-2 at the break for Ukraine, and within 90 seconds of the re-start, Yarmolenko grabbed his 2nd of the game and they had restored their 2-goal lead. 4 minutes later, Marco van Basten then got one back for the Dutch. Into injury time and then Royston Drenthe scored a dramatic equaliser.

The Dutch, ranked in the top 4 in the world, were expecting a much better start than that.

england - England Legends HollandvUkraineInformation_Overview

In Lviv, Denmark were up against Russia. The Russians were 2-0 up in 11 minutes. The Danes grabbed 1 back, but Russia scored 2 more and, in the end, ran out easy winners.

england - England Legends DenmarkvRussiaInformation_Overview

Tomorrow, we see the first matches in Group C

Germany v Portugal
Italy v Turkey
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Day Four

Group C was under the spotlight today, and first up was Germany v Portugal. Germany, recently moved to No. 1 ranking and Portugal who were desperate to improve on their runners-up spot in 2004.

World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in the first half and Portugal were 2-0 up by half-time. Fernando Peyroteo then made it 3-0 just before the hour. Mirko Ludwig managed to grab a mere consolation goal for the Germans but they were 2nd best, at best.

england - England Legends GermanyvPortugalInformation_Overview

After the shock for the Germans, the Italians went down too. Suddenly, the whole tournament has been thrown wide open.

england - England Legends ItalyvTurkeyInformation_Overview

Tomorrow, England are in action again when they play Montenegro. Another win and they’re into the next round.
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england - England Legends Euro-2012-241

Day Five

England v Montenegro

These two met in the qualifiers, drawing 0-0 at Wembley, with England winning 2-1 in the away leg. Having beaten Poland, 4-0, at the weekend, England knew that another win would put them into the knock-out round.

Brian Clough named an unchanged side

england - England Legends EnglandvMontenegroPreview_LineUps

The first half was dominated by England with Montenegro only having a few chances. England were wasteful, though, as Rooney, Matthews and Carroll all should’ve converted relatively easy chances. Rooney was clear through, but shot straight at the keeper and Carroll managed to blast over from 6 yards.

No changes at half-time then England scored a similar goal to the ones they got against the Poles. Young got to the byeline on the left, turned back to find Cole in support. His cross was right into the 6 yard area and Matthews was first to the ball and England were 1-0 up.

England were coasting, and then Steven Gerrard slid into a tackle and took the man as well as the ball. The referee didn’t hesitate to issue an immediate red card.

Clough shuffled his pack, reverting to 4-5-1. He swapped Carroll for Lampard and England continued their dominance. He then brought on Greaves for Rooney as the Man Utd striker was tiring. Walcott, also now fit, replaced the tiring Young on the left and he was involved in the winning goal.

Again it was a pass back to Cole who crossed into the penalty area where Greaves first touch was a joy to watch. On the penalty spot, back to goal, Greaves turned to his right, the defence went left and he slotted the ball into the net for a goal of real quality.

England ran out comfortable winners and can now look forward to a Quarter-Final place. Who they meet, remains to be seen as they’re not guaranteed to win the group, but will play one of the qualifiers from Group A, which includes Holland, Ukraine, Denmark or Russia.

england - England Legends EnglandvMontenegroSplitView

The main concern for Clough will be the fact that Gerrard will miss the next match, although the result is not important and he does have Frank Lampard back to full fitness. What will worry him more is that Jimmy Greaves twisted his knee and is likely to be out of action for 12 days. That means he may well not be fit for the Quarter-Final but could make it back for the Semis, if England reach that.
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Day Six

Poland moved to Poznan to take on Greece. They had been humiliated in the capital by England on Saturday, and were probably glad to be in a smaller city and stadium. The Greeks were buoyed by their victory over Montenegro on Sunday and the fact that England’s win last night meant that a draw may well be enough tonight.

Winners in 2004, Greece got off to the perfect start as Kostas Katsouranis, who played in that victory, put them in front in the first 10 minutes. On the half-hour, Poland finally broke their scoring duck as Obraniak equalised. But the home fans relief was short-lived. Within 5 minutes, Theofanis Gekas had put the Greeks back in front.

2-1 at half time and Poland came out the more determined in the second half, but just didn’t have the class to make their pressure tell. On the hour, Poland gave away a penalty and Gekas stepped up and scored his 2nd of the game and his country’s 3rd.

Greece eased through this match as Poland’s resistance crumpled once the penalty was converted. They now go to meet England on Monday in a game that will decide the winner of the group.

england - England Legends GreecevPolandInformation_Overview

In other news, England learned that Steven Gerrard will face a further 2-match ban for his sending off against Montenegro. That would seem to end his tournament as he would not now be available until the Final. It would be a harsh manager who dropped a player for the final, just so a banned player could return. Whether Lampard has the match fitness to replace Gerrard without a noticeable change in playing ability, remains to be seen, but it also opens the door for Man Utd’s Bobby Charlton too.
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Day Seven

France v Scotland

Scotland were back in action, after their amazing outing on Sunday against Croatia. They were in Poznan, this time against France. The French had beaten Spain in their first game and were buzzing.

Wonderkid, Jean-Pierre Papin put the French in front 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Scotland tried but ultimately failed, to breach the French resistance and then Lee Wallace put through his own net in injury time and a 0-2 deficit didn’t truly reflect how close the game was.

england - England Legends FrancevScotlandInformation_Overview

Croatia v Spain

Spain were back in Warsaw, after their shock defeat to France last weekend. They were in determined mood as David Villa put them in front in the opening 10 minutes. Pedro doubled their lead right on half-time. When David Silva completed the victory 5 minutes from the end, the Spanish were back to their best.

england - England Legends CroatiavSpainInformation_Overview

Spain now have a shootout against Scotland on Monday to see if they can make it to the Quarter-Finals. No country has ever retained a European Championship, and Spain are finding out why.

France march on and will go through as group winners.

england - England Legends EuropeanFootballChampionshipOverview_Stages_table2
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Day Eight

england - England Legends RussiavHollandInformation_Overview

england - England Legends UkrainevDenmarkInformation_Overview

england - England Legends EuropeanFootballChampionshipOverview_Stagestable2
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Day Nine

Turkey v Germany

With three tournament titles to their name, Germany is the most successful nation in European Championship history. Yet, for the first time since 2000 they have gone out in the first round.

Rated by many as favourites for the tournament, they have been beaten in both matches and have the ignominy of having to play their final group game, knowing that it is utterly irrelevant.

They were in Kharkiv against Turkey, who’d pulled off a shock against Italy in their opening match. They were beaten 1-2 and didn’t even have the luxury of a German name on the scoresheet

england - England Legends TurkeyvGermanyInformation_Overview

Italy v Portugal

Italy’s hopes of making the knock-out stages are hanging by a thread. A goal down in 5 minutes they managed to equalise in the 2nd half, but couldn’t pull of the win.

Italy now need to beat Germany, and hope that Portugal are beaten by Turkey, otherwise they’re on their way home too.

england - England Legends PortugalvItalyInformation_Overview

england - England Legends EuropeanFootballChampionshipOverview_Stagestable2-1
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@the deeb wrote:

England were coasting, and then Steven Gerrard slid into a tackle and took the man as well as the ball. The referee didn’t hesitate to issue an immediate red card.

Clough shuffled his pack, reverting to 4-5-1.

Wow, some great updates and some shockers. But leave it to Cloughie to have a man sent off and still play with 11 men on the field. Or did he not have a goalie ?
the deeb
Re: England Legends
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Day Nine

We’re at the final matches in the Group Stage and Group B is first up. England and Greece have already qualified for the Quarter-Finals and so they’re playing to see who wins the group. Montenegro meet Poland, with just pride at stake for both sides.

Manager, Brian Clough, has had to make some changes. Jimmy Greaves is out injured, Steven Gerrard is suspended and 5 players are on yellow cards. Glen Johnson, Billy Wright, Stanley Matthews, Andy Carroll and Wayne Rooney are one card away from missing the Quarter-Final.

So Clough has made 6 changes. Bobby Moore and Rio Ferdinand are brought in, and it looks like Clough is going to operate with 3 at the back, Moore being the central defender, and then have Ferdinand in a DM role. That should give the flexibility that if they need to revert to 4 at the back, Rio can slot in quite seamlessly. JJohn Terry and Billy Wright having a rest. Johnson is retained, despite being on a yellow card.

Clough also brings in James Milner to replace Matthews, and then Bobby Charlton will play up front with Theo Walcott. Hardly packed with goals, those two, but England only need a draw to win the group so perhaps he’s looking to nick a goal and then defend it

england - England Legends GreecevEnglandPreview_LineUps-4

Well the game turned out to be a really cagedy affair, with neither side willing to commit themselves too much. It ended 0-0 and so England win the group with Greece finishing second.

england - England Legends GreecevEnglandSplitView

In the other game in Group B, in Warsaw , Montenegro and Poland drew so Poland end up hosting their first ever major tournament, without a win.

england - England Legends MontenegrovPolandInformation_Overview

Here is the final Group B table.

england - England Legends EuropeanFootballChampionshipOverview_Stages-finalB
Re: England Legends
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England Legends

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