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 FM 15 New Features announced with Video

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FM 15 New Features announced with Video _
PostSubject: FM 15 New Features announced with Video   FM 15 New Features announced with Video Icon_minitime2014-10-07, 17:25

FM15 Features announced, check out the video

Key changes include a revised interface, significant improvements to the match engine including motion capture implementation, manager design and tendencies and revisions to the tactical model including new player roles and responsibilities.

For long-time hard core players of the game, the most exciting changes may be in the way player scouting is handled.
Scouting has long been one of the aspects of the game that feels more limited than it should be. At first look, however, the changes for FM 15 appear to be a major step in the right direction.

Managers will now be able to more closely specify what they are looking for in new players when sending scouts into the world, for example a replacement to that aging center back in your starting XI.
For players where your club and scouts have less knowledge, rather than specific attributes or blanks, managers will now see a range of attributes. On the face of things, this approach looks far more realistic than the all knowing accurate player assessments you would get in the past. The more you scout the player, the more accurate your assessment of the player attributes will be.

As a result of the range bound approach, a player may look good when scouting him but if you jump the gun and sign him without a lengthy scouting process, he could turn out to be not quite what you were expecting.
Instead of going off and scouting without any real interaction as has happened in the past, scouts will now provide recommendations as to whether their current assignment should be terminated as well as recommendations of competitions to scout. Moreover, you can now assign scouts to roam a particular country rather than a broader region as in the past.
You can also now scout players for specific time frames (up to three months) rather than only being able to specify scouting for up to three matches as in the past. The scout will send a weekly report card of the player, which now looks much more detailed and useful than the previous report card which was generally of minimal use.

For those unfamiliar with the Football Manager series, this is not an arcade style video game like FIFA 15. The two series’ bear minimal resemblance to each other at best. Football Manager is an extremely detailed and in-depth simulation of football management. You design your tactics, you set up training plans, you sign players, play in the transfer market and so on.
Actual match play was originally text based, then moved to a 2D presentation and is currently a 3D presentation. You can watch anywhere from the full match to, as most players will do, key highlights.

The depth of the game is reflected in the recent deal with Prozone for that sees Football Manager used as a real-life scouting tool.

While a full and detailed game of Football Manager can be quite time consuming, there are also options in the game for the more casual gamer which provide a kind of “Football Manager Lite” style of play.
A full breakdown of new features for Football Manager 15 can be found in the video above.

Making FM a better game to play.
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FM 15 New Features announced with Video

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