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 Almost Amsterdam

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PostAlmost Amsterdam

I arrived, standing at the luggage belt in Amsterdam airport I phoned for my taxi, a private taxi had been put on for me. It was not far to travel, Almere City is in the province of Flevoland just outside Amsterdam.

Arriving at the stadium I was impressed, a fairly new stadium and the facility’s looked good, walking though the door into reception it continued to impress. If the quality of the facility's were anything to go by, this was going to be a great club to be at.
I had got the job after a interview at the training ground which Almere share with AFC Ajax which was fantastic to find out, turning up at the training ground I started to think I had been invited for a Interview at Ajax, that would have been impressive. 26 years old, fresh out of coaching badges, all studied in the UK. The Interview went really well, Almere were looking for a young manager to help expand the club and help them grow, they had the smallest stadium in the division but it was a impressive stadium, great facility's and a lot of room to improve, the team was solid as well as the finances. After hours in with the chairman he offered me the job on the spot, the language was a problem but he decided to look past that, stating that football is a universal language.

Walking into my office I felt at home straight away, I had had some photo's shipped over from England and they had all been put up by the staff. I sat down and got straight to work, a scout report had been filed for me to look over as well as getting prepared to meet the team and take the 1st day at training.

How would my new job go, my 1st job in management

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Re: Almost Amsterdam
Post on 2013-12-06, 21:09 by nufcfan
I walked out of the changing rooms, walking past the drinks machine I stopped to get a coffee. I stood against the wall looking at pictures straight in front of me, pictures from the history of Almere, only a young club but they were proud, we were proud.
Walking out of the side door of the training ground took me straight onto the training pitch, wow, it was fantastic, I expected nothing less, sharing with Ajax we were always going to be blessed.
The players had already started, still smiling and laughing from our meeting, it went perfect, I explained mid table was what I was expecting and they all agreed that is what we should be aiming towards.

Training was going well and me and my assistant were looking over the fixtures ahead, we had some tough friendlies but all were to test the players as well as get the fitness up, results were not important but would be nice of course.

In the 1st few days of training I noticed 2 players were trying on many occasions to step in and control the team. Dissels and Toet were both experienced members of the Almere team but I could see from the younger players they were taking it too far, I called both into my office and we had a chat. After a long talk and a few words spoken between us they decided to tell me that due to my lack of reputation they wanted to try and build a name for themselves for when I left the club they could take the chair. I was shocked, who did these people think they were, how dare they speak to me like this. Within 2 days I had both players listed and out of the club.
During this time of unrest with Dissels and Toet I had brought in a young Swedish striker by the name of Bajrovic, he had a lot of potential and I was happy he decided to come to us over a few other teams that were interested.

After them few days of Unrest pre season flew by, with Dissels and Toet out of the club, the atmosphere was fantastic, a lot of fun on the training pitch and the players worked hard in the matches, pre season results did not go well but we were looking fit, we controlled some of the games but just could not get the goals.
Just before the start of the season the board announced the season ticket sales, this came as a wake up call to me, the season was about to start and the fans were ready.


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Re: Almost Amsterdam
Post on 2013-12-07, 10:22 by nufcfan
Walking out into the Mitsubishi Forklift Stadion dugout I looked around the ground, the weather was dry and the fans had come out in force, 1445 fans came to see our opening game of the season.
The game was against Excelsior, as expected there was a lot of abuse coming from their fans, comments about my lack of experience as well as lack of a family, I took it all in good fun. I enjoyed living alone so these jokes all just went over my head, even waving to the fans to acknowledge their abuse of me.
The game ended well, losing the game at half time we turned it around for the win, opening day and we got the win I demanded, I wanted and needed to get off to a good start. It was amazing to hear the fans singing and saluting the team and me at the end of the game.
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That game gave me knowledge of the team in competitive games, gave me a better idea of what will work for the team, a solid 4-5-1 worked well and I am happy for now to settle to the same tactic in most games.

The remaining games for the month went well, I won another 2 games and lost 2 games also, the 2 defeats both came away from home against good sides so I accepted them. Sitting back in my office looking at the league table I was very happy, we were looking good, sitting just outside the playoff spaces we were playing above expectation.

The season so far has also shown up a young midfielder in my squad, he has come straight into the starting 11 aged only 17. I received 2 emails already this month from Ajax and PSV both asking if he would be for sale, explaining in the email that they had been at the ground scouting him in the 1st couple of games of the season and were very interested in his talents. I replied to the emails within minutes explaining he was not for sale at any price.


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Re: Almost Amsterdam
Post on 2013-12-07, 17:03 by nufcfan
Winter is here. Its so cold and its only getting colder according to the forecast. As agreed with the chairman my plan was to meet him today, discuss how the season has gone so far. With this weather the meeting has been cancelled, I was about to call him to cancel and he called me. Due to the roads leading to his house he was stuck. He asked me instead to send a email over with a review in my opinion how we have done. He told me on the phone how he was happy, we were playing better than he had hoped and we were also becoming known for playing very nice short football.

I walked into my office at home, a gorgeous view over the mountains. I am so glad I decided to get a house outside of the city.  Where do I start, how do I send a email to the chairman explaining the season so far, what will he want to know. Lets get this started and see how we do.

Rene Ter Borgh:

My season so far in my opinion has been fantastic, we all know what is expected of us and we all know we are not the biggest club, we are fighting hard in games and playing some great football. I have the team passing the ball around and playing football that fans want to come and see.

In the cup we did well, knocking out Eindhoven in the 2nd round was a great game going to penalty's before hosting FC Twente in the 3rd round, no press or anyone expected us to do anything but we took them to penalty's, that could have gone either way, losing in the end but I was very proud of the team.

Sitting just outside the Playoff's in the league I am delighted with how we are doing, we have such a  young side which I am enjoying trying to develop into the best they can be, a few players are starting to look like they could play at a very high level. With time and coaching we could be on the brink of a great team. We have had to many draws in the league I acknowledge but they are better than losing and it shows we are battling all the way to the end with a few of the draws happening due to us scoring late goals.

Players wise we have had a couple of more problems with players complaining due to lack of playing time, I know you know about 1 of them (Browne) as he came to you with a request to leave. We also have a couple more players who are wanting to leave but yet have come to request to leave, we will have to see how them progress but I can not be changing the team to much if these players are not as good as the ones playing.
From my 1st ½ season in charge looking forward I think we need to keep as many players as we can from this amazing youth group we have aswell as expanding the stadium if possible.

Yours Faithfully

Paul Wandless

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Re: Almost Amsterdam
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Almost Amsterdam

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