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 A Childhood dream

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PostA Childhood dream

Remember those days where your legs still worked, you didn’t say ohhh my back every time you got up?

Then maybe you can remember the days when you stood at your local clubs ground as a child thinking to yourself I will play for these one day!

Well not me, I was a fat kid sat at home playing Football Manager being in charge of the players instead of running around getting kicked. So when I went to see my local team play, I always thought I can do better, and decide what I would do if I was in charge and we were losing 1-0.

So one day I got up off my lazy bum and with my Best Friend, we created a local team called Caerphilly Wanders. We had a few very good games, we almost won one if it wasn’t for a cheating ref.

My dream was to become Manager of Cardiff City then one day become Manager of Liverpool FC and turn them back into the force they once were.

This is about as far as I got with my managerial Career. I was still a keen fan of my local team, The mighty Cardiff City FC standing in the Grandstand of Ninian Park cheering on my team, In 2003 we saw an amazing jump for Cardiff who went up to League one via a memorable play off against QPR. Of course now League one in those days is the Championship in these days, since then I have stood in the Grandstand cheering on the team hoping for Premier League football, i’ve seen stars come and go.

The worst thing I have seen is our inability to play two half of a season, we were always at the top half fighting for promotion in the first half of the season then we would just fall off the pace completely, heart breaking for a fan.

Then 2010 play off final against Blackpool the winner went on to the Premier League this was our year. As always my team let me down and Dave Jones let us all down with his tactics for the game. Great news in May of 2010 though, Cardiff were bought out by Malaysian owner Datuk Chan Tien Ghee.

Tien Ghee had his own ideas about the club and how he wanted to get into the Premier League within one season. He promised funds, more wages for players this was Cardiff’s year for sure with money coming into the team we were sure to do well this year.

Here is where my story gets interesting.

July 2010 Dave Jones Steps down as Manager of Cardiff City.

It appears that the Malaysian owner lied and did not invest in the club at all, worse than this he sold key players for a great deal of money, but Jones did not see any of this at all. Our team were being broken from the inside out. No manager, no Money and half a team.

Who would be our next manager?

For the first time ever this job was advertised in local papers, it turns out nobody in the footballing world wanted to work for the Malaysian owner, so I thought I would apply for fun see what they see if they ever got back to me.

Weeks went past and I just thought my application was laughed at, after all under Managerial Experience I put my screenshots from the last two years of Football Manager games, in all fairness it was my career in management and its better than leave it blank after all.

Three weeks went past from when I last thought about it, in that time Cardiff had been loaning players in most recognisable was Welsh star Craig Bellamy. So I thought they must have someone lined up for the job already.

They did, ME when I got the call I was sat on my Computer talking to friends, Tien Ghee rang me personally asking me if I would like to try my hand at management at first I thought it was a joke and just laughed at him asking who it really was. But it was true I had just been offered the job of a lifetime manager of Cardiff City FC.

Of course I was not manager of the Cardiff I supported as a kid, with our new stadium “The Cardiff City Stadium” it was going to be something special and different I can not wait.

I will give you regular updates on how my career is going.... I’m really excited I hope you are too.

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A Childhood dream :: Comments

Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-27, 02:37 by LeedsUnitedAllTheWay
I am excited Smile good luck
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-27, 11:01 by Pringers
Good start Niko - hope you can fulfill your fantasies! Smile
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-27, 13:34 by Narl
Well Niko, I'm definitely excited, don'tcha worry about that mate Wink

I wonder if you'll take your beloved Cardiff to the promised land of the premier league. Good luck!
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 01:08 by Niko
Nik Webb Manager of Cardiff City FC its crazy, I walk around the grounds and people shout out “Hey Gaffer” to me. I walk around my local town and people want my autograph, this was the dream job at the moment, but the hard work had to start at some point.

The first thing I done when I got to the training ground was watch the players train see how the coaches work and see what needs to be changed. After about an hour I went to meet with the Chairmen to discuss our transfer policy for the coming season and what he expected.
Heres the points from the meeting

• He wants me to challenge for promotion this season
• There will be no money for transfers
• I will need to think about loans, or selling players to bring anyone in
• To get to the third round in both the league and FA cup

I thought these were manageable targets, I was a bit shocked when he said I had no money to spend after all we had sold quite a few players off before I came along with no replacements, but that is the job I have been given and I will get on with it.

I still had wages to bring people in on loan and maybe pick up a few free transfers.

In the transfer window I managed to bring in four players

• Mateja Kezman for free
• Jordan Spence on a season long loan from West Ham
• Richard Stearman on a season long loan from Wolves

The last signing was a real big one for me and the club I felt.

In 2008 Cardiff sold our most promising youthful player Aaron Ramsey to Arsenal for £5million, but I am very glad to announce that I have managed to bring young Aaron back to Cardiff on a season long loan.

With these four signings I was pleased that my team was coming together nicely now all I needed was the players to gel together quickly for the new season.

Preseason Results

As you can see it was a very positive pre season with only one result preventing us from a clean sweep but it was still a very solid effort and I felt very confident going into the new season.

Game Day One

Burnley Away from Home

Sadly my first official game in charge of Cardiff was not at home, but standing in the away dugout looking out at a backed full stadium hearing our fans, cheer on our team in the warm up really brought it home how much this meant to me being here.

In the dressing room I told the players exactly how I was feeling about the game as a fan not a manager and told them to go out and play for yourselves as fans of the club and have no regrets when the full time whistle goes.

Jay Bothroyd really came out to show me all he could in this game, first minute into the game he went in hard to try and win the ball back and saw himself booked for the effort.

Moments later Steven Thomson who Bothroyd fouled got his revenge by taking Bothroyd out on the edge of the box, giving away a free kick. Adam Matthews stepped up and cracked it straight off the bar. From where I was I thought it was in so unlucky.

Then came a moment of great play, Whittingham picked the ball up on the left wing passed it to Ramsey, who held the ball up then flicked it over the defence where Whittingham had carried on his run, he picked up and a side footed it into the bottom corner, what a goal I ran out of the dugout to celebrate with my players. My first goal in charge and what a goal it was.

After this Burnley started to dominate us, so I started barking out instructions to my team to try and get them back in control, we did hold out till half time with a 1-0 lead.

In the break I calmed the players down, told them they need to get back in control of this game.
That is exactly what they did in the second half, slow play but every pass was connecting keeping Burnley away from the ball. This was until Bellamy picked the ball up in the middle of the field and ran at the defence who just seemed to back off him and lash his shot into the back of the net 2-0.

I couldn’t believe it 2-0 in my first game and we were playing some really nice football. Sadly we couldn’t get any more goals and the match finished 2-0 but it was a great way to introduce myself and the team to the Cardiff City Faithful.

A few days after this game I was informed that we would be playing Hereford in the first round of the League Cup.

You will hear about that and much more in my next update
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 01:21 by Pringers
Good update here Niko, can't wait to hear some more.
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 13:14 by Niko
I'll update The first month later on today
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 13:33 by Pringers
Awesome, I can't wait Smile
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 15:12 by Niko

Game one in the bag excellent start and we played nice football which the fans loved to see.

I was itching for my first home game as I wanted to walk out onto the pitch to great our home supporters and hear that roar it would give me tingles for sure.

Sadly the next game was not to be so as this was an away game in the league cup against Hereford.

League Cup 1st round

Hereford vs Cardiff

I was really up for this game I love cup days as a fan and being able to manage in one was an amazing feeling. Going into this match I Knew we were favourites but I didn’t want my players to be overly confident so I played almost a full strength team only three changes.

The match started really well, we were dominating the game playing our style of football and taking shots, sadly there goalie was on form and stopping everything in sight.

I thought that it was only going to be a matter of time before we saw the first goal. Boy was I right, Whittingham drifted a corner into the box which was headed on by Bothroyd but then the goalie rushed out collected the ball once massive kick down field and Bauza was in on goal and stroked it past Heaton 1-0 down.

We did not let our heads drop though we carried on attacking all the way till the half time whistle I couldn’t understand how we were losing but we were.

A change had to be made with Craig Bellamy coming on for Bothroyd.

This did not change a thing as four minutes into the restart Hereford grabbed a second I felt sick I couldn’t believe it.

This seemed to kick start my team though with a fantastic charge down the pitch which resulted in a goal for Craig Bellamy we were back in the game.

It took until the 75th minute to get the goal to draw us level, Craig Bellamy yet again, but the Hereford players were angry they thought it was offside and one or two of their players seemed to get nasty after this, kicking out at us.

In the 80th minute Gyepes was taken out by Fleetwood, but the ref took no notice, so Gyepes got up and made such a rash challenge that I don’t even want to think about it. He saw a straight RED.

We went to extra time with no one being able to break through, We had the majority of the chances but kept hitting them off target.

This one was going down to a Penalty Shootout.

Bellamy up first gooooooaaaaal.
Lunt stepped up for Hereford gooooaaaal.
Chopra then stepped up for Cardiff and booted it way over the bar.
Buaza done the exact same thing for Hereford.
Jon Parkin showing the crowed how to take a penalty made it 2-1.
Werling stepped up looking very scared and his penalty went straight at Heaton for an easy save.
Adam Matthews for Cardiff and he set it into the top of the net.
Pressure on Same Gwynne now but he steps up and slots it away.
Jason Koumas for Cardiff now for the winner, GOOOOOAAAAAL
Cardiff go throw I was so happy we all run into the middle of the pitch to celebrate on to the 2nd round.

Game day 2 in the league

Cardiff vs Preston

My first home game and this was the response I wanted, walking out to the crowed with the team in the prematch warm up just hearing the fans sing thinking all their hopes are on me and my team i couldn’t wait for this match to start.

The crowed were amazing the atmosphere was incredible and it only took 15 minutes for my team to break through and take an early Lead through Craig Bellamy, This was quickly followed by Bothroyd making it 2.

What a start, a comfortable day this looked for Cardiff the fans were at the top of their voice and it was a brilliant win for my first home game.

This was until the 78th minute Preston got one back and they kept attacking momentum was with them, but we were holding on, until Chirs Riggot seemed to bring down Ian Hurse and the ref awarded a Penalty....

Saved Marshall at full stretch managed to keep it out and preserve our first home win.

Three games in three wins of sorts I was very pleased with the way we had conducted ourselves over the last few game, our play was enjoyable to watch and we were winning games.

Game Day 3

Nottingham Forest vs Cardiff

This game was never going to be an easy one, away trips to Forest have always been tricky.

This one was no different, Rob Findley scoring very early on in the game to put us behind straight away really poor defending from our part.
But Bellamy hit back straight away with an equalizer, Sadly just before half time Cohen gave Forest the lead, not what we were looking for right on the verge of half time.

Second half wasn’t much better for us Rob Finely making it 3-1, i didn’t quite no what to do, Forest were outplaying us so I made a few changes in the hope we could still turn this one around.

Kevin Mcnaughton unbleached a powerful striker from 25 yards to make it 3-2 but we couldn’t find another by the final whistle.

Our first loss of the season, but it wouldn’t be our last so we had to move on quickly and not dwell on any of our results.

2nd round of the League Cup

Cardiff vs Watford

Win this game and we were one step closer to Wembley is what I told my players before this match

The players really seemed to respond to this attacking from the first minute, sadly unable to break Watford down, until the 6th minute that was and Bellamy went clean throw on goal but Tom Deeney had other ideas and took him down from behind, seeing a straight red for his actions.

Sadly we could not take the extra man to our advantage and at the end of 90 minutes it was 0-0 so for the second round in a row we went to extra time. It was only 4 minutes into this where Sub Parkin made it 1-0 and it stayed like that until the end.

Not the best game of football by us but it was hard earned and the players gave it their all.

Match day 4

Cardiff vs Barnsley

I wanted The Cardiff City Stadium to be a place where people feared coming a place which you couldn’t get results from.

This was another chance to try and get this into peoples minds, but sadly Cardiff City never turned up to this game, a lot of sloppy passing really poor play and massive holes in our defence lead to a 1-0 loss at home.

I couldn’t really believe how lazy the players had been and I wasn’t happy at all with their performance and i think they knew this.

Coming up to the end of the month now only one game left and it’s a big one against Boro, we are currently 10th in the league 2 wins 2 losses.

Match day 5

Middlesbrough vs Cardiff City

After our last performance in the league I really wanted a better performance from my players, we were missing a lot of key players after they got injured in the league cup but we still had a good enough squad out there to win this match.

They started amazingly well Bothroyd giving us an early lead and we were playing well for the first 20minutes. This is when Middlesbrough picked up there game and started to dominate proceedings just as I thought they might, so we started to play quite counter active football in a hope to break with Bellamy, but sadly Gary O’Neil managed to bang one in from close to make it 1-1 at half time.

Second half was much better for us we were on the ball allot more and attacking Jon Parkin had a few clear cut changes which all went sky high over the bar. Then in the 60th minute we won a corner which Parkin converted with a lovely diving header.

We needed to contain them now and see out the result. Alas four minutes later Boro going the equalizer and we had to share the points at the end of the game.

So a pretty good August in most respects the league is very mixed with 2 wins a draw and 2 losses putting us in 8th place, we really need to pick up on that next month.

The league cup is a great success so far though into round 3 and looking strong.

Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 17:44 by Pringers
Great work Niko - a few bad results, but I'm sure you'll bounce back Smile
Re: A Childhood dream
Post on 2011-01-28, 17:52 by Berry
Great start here, it's nice to see you're managing the club you've followed all your life, can't do any harm Smile

Keep up the good work, and good luck with the Bluebirds!!!!!!

Re: A Childhood dream
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A Childhood dream

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