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 Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining

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PostWanderers F.C - The Second Begining

*First an introduction to me*
I have probably been a fan of the FM series for no longer than a few
months , but after picking up FM2006 for my pc, i got hooked on it.
My dad introduced me to the game during the summer , i was not expecting
to enjoy it at all , i started with Southampton , and enjoyed it more
than i expected after winning the Championship first time out.
I then played on this for about a month , before i picked up a cheap copy of FM2009 for the PC.
My dad bought me this 2011 version for my birthday , and i have so far taken Pompey FC into the premier league.

I started to read a few stories while waiting for the logo pack to download , and got somewhat into one ,
and thought i should make my own. I have no clue how this is going to go down , but here's for trying!
First , we'll start with some true football history , then we'll move on to my story.
I hope i don't bore you!

*True story*
Possibly one of England's first great football teams , Wanderers F.C , were the first ever winners of the famous F.A cup.
They then went on to win the competition 5 times between 1872 and 1878.
However , despair hit the team after the 1880's , when the team slowly disappeared into the depth of football history ,
playing their last ever competitive match in 1881 , and the last ever friendly match was played on the 20th December , 1887.
This match was played against Harrow , who won the game 3 goals to 1.

The team was re-founded as a charity football team in 2009 , donating
most of the money earned through match fees to their partner Unicef.

*Fictional from here on in*
In the start of the 2010/2011 blue square south campaign , the team Hampton and Richmond went bust ,
the club was unable to pay outstanding fees , and therefore , were forced to remove their team from the BSS ,
Unless they could find either a buyer , or the money to pay the fees.
The Unicef charity decided to put in an undisclosed offer for the team , and the future started to look bright for the club.
The offer for the club was successful , and Unicef had decided to rename the team Wanderers F.C ,
and combined the club with the previous team of the Wonderers and Hampton and Richmond.

This caused uproar among the fans and player. They were furious that they were able to rename the club.

Neither the staff or any of the players showed up during training the
next day , pushing the club into worse troubles than before.
Unicef then sensationally revoked ownership of the club , after owning
it for just one month. At this point , the future looked extremely

This was when goalkeeping legend , David Seaman , announced that he
would be teaming up with an un-named London businessman to buy the club.
This bid was successful , and Seaman claimed that he would be backing the club with a starting budget of £1,000,000 ,
a lot of money for a blue square team.

Plans were later announced the intention to move the club back to one of wanderer's previous venues , battersea park ,
where plans were announced to build a new 5,000 seat stadium.

Although Seaman was offered the managerial position by the new owner , he decided an assistant manager position suited him more.
At the complete shock of the few fans that were left , a mere 15 year old was appointed manager , Scott Dempsey.
Seaman announced that he believed the young manager had lots to give , and that the fans should respect his presence.
Due to his age , the young manager was not even allowed a full-time job , making it look like the club's chances look very slim.
He had 20 days before the season starts , to completely rebuild the
squad , and backroom , an exeptional task to be performed by anyone ,
yet alone a 15 year old.
Trials were held at the stadium , where any players could turn up , whatever their age and talent level.
David Seaman was present , and picked out a few more talented players from the bunch ,
and advised Locks to try and hire these players.
Out of the dust rose a promising young midfielder , James Bolder , who impressed the new management duo.
In total , Locks and Seaman picked out 11 Players to sign , enough to make a first team squad , but no more.

Dempsey and Seaman still have 10 days before the season starts to sign any out of contract players ,
and complete their squad for the coming season.
Dempsey got himself busy in the Transfer window , signing young striker Tony Boto on a free signing.
Wanderers then carried on signing , snapping up ex Swansea striker Lee Trundle , and experienced veteran Darren Barnard.

*Ok , enough of the media talk*
As things stand , i think i've got a reasonable team despite terminating all my previous players contracts.
Most of these came straight from my youth ranks , so i'm looking for better all the time really.
I am currently fielding a 4-3-1-2 formation.
Here is a list of my squad so far : (most of these are fictional players i found in my U-18 team)
Richard Fisher (GK-17)
Alan Pickett (DR-17)
David Richardson (DC-17)
Bob Bowater (DC-16)
Samuel Mensah (DL-18)
Keiron Holgrove (MR-16)
James Bolder (MC-18)
Darren Barnard (ML-38)
Fabrice Otshudi (AMC-19)
Lee Trundle (STRCR-33)
Tony Boto (STRCR-21)

I hope you enjoyed reading the start of the story unfold , and i'll (hopefully) see you soon for the first update!

ps: sorry for the long story!
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Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining :: Comments

Re: Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining
Post on 2010-12-20, 17:38 by Pringers
Wow Scottz - this has everything so far, a really good read, and well written - I can't wait for more updates! Keep it up mate Wink
Re: Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining
Post on 2010-12-20, 17:45 by Scottz
thanks! i will update for sure but it will take some time as i will be quite busy for now ):
Re: Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining
Post on 2010-12-20, 17:48 by Niko
Great stuff scott Smile looking forward to see how this pans out

great idea for a game though =]
the deeb
Re: Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining
Post on 2010-12-20, 18:52 by the deeb
This is a good start. I love the imagination that's gone into this.

That's what the story section is all about, so you can distinguish it from just another 'current game'.

Good luck with this.

had to smile when reading the bit about 15 year olds getting their first glimpse of Seaman!
Re: Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining
Post on 2010-12-21, 06:06 by Scottz
I will do my best to bring this club to premier league ! Very Happy

Wanderers F.C - The Second Begining

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